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wine passion Lake Como
2 Mar

Wine passion: between vineyards and Lake Como wine cellars

If I say wine passion maybe you will not immediately think about our Lake Como, but you have to do it: for many customers it is really a surprise to find that our territory also offers fine winesWell, without reaching the most renowned places like Valtellina, where they have certainly a more flourishing production, even on Lake Como you can discover wine production.

Wine passion on Lake Como: Discovering the IGT brand ‘Terre Lariane

The wine passion has indeed invaded the Larnaca’s territory, so since 2008, the IGT (typical geographic indication) brand “Terre Lariane” has been confirmed. Production, more than a niche, includes areas into the provinces of Como and Lecco with native wines such as Sorsasso – White, Red and Rosé, or the renowned Domasino bianco, of Domaso. In Domaso, a little town in the upper lake zone easily reachable from our Hotel Posta Moltrasio, just a few kilometers from Parco del Pian di Spagna e Lago di Mezzola, there are two renowned wineries that you can visit:

Farm Sorsasso (
Farm Winery Angelinetta(

Two small but important family-run realities, who passionately carry out a project of valorization of the Lake Como’s excellence and its wine: The “Lake Como Wine”, a delicate but intense and full bodied wine that tells the story and tradition of Domaso and of the upper lake.

The two farms with wine cellar can be visited and you can taste the wines.
Contact the two wineries directly or, at your arrival at the Hotel, ask for information at reception for your tasting tour.

W the wine passion!

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