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Sacro Monte di VArese
20 Nov

What to see in your one day trip in Varese

Let’s discovery Lombardy: today we want to talk to about to what to see in your one day trip in Varese.

Varese is a Lombardy’s city, about 30 km from Como and that has about 83,000 inhabitants. Its province, as Como’s, is characterized by different landscapes, typical of the Pre-Alps area, with a lot possibilities for a great day: small lakes, mountains, countryside and rivers.

Varese, as well as Como is an Italian border, that overlooks to the nearby Switzerland. It is also known as the “garden city” for its numerous green areas born and well preserved. The development of the city has not happened in a classic way, enlarging the city center to the suburbs: to the main village were added the so-called “castellanze” small villages built around the main one. Among these villages there are these large green parks that, nowadays, make Varese a nice city to visit but also to live.

What to see in your one day trip in Varese

To choose what to visit in Varese during your one day trip it is really difficult: today we have created for you a small selection between nature and art.

Sacro Monte – Unesco World Heritage

Typical religious building, the Sacred Mountain is located on the top of one of the mountains that are overlooking Varese. It can be reached by car or with a funicular, but we recommend you a nice walk. As well as the Sanctuary “del Soccorso” in Ossuccio on our Lake Como, the walk that will lead you to the Church of “Santa Maria del Monte”  has 14 chapels that evoke the rosary’s mysteries and the Jesus’ life. It’s really characteristic also the village around the church, which preserves flavor and atmosphere of an old Italy.

Cosa fare a VArese in un giorno

Campo dei fiori (Flowers’ Field)

It is the name of the park that is overlooking the Varese’ Sacro Monte. You will find several hiking trails that lead you to as many locations or small picturesque villages like Brinzio or Orino. The nature in which you will be immersed is truly unique and untouched, so that it will not be difficult to see hawks, sparrow hawks and deer. On the top of “Campo dei Fiori” stands the “City of the natural sciences” with a mountain garden for the biodiversity’s conservation, the Centre of botanical studies “Lombardia”, the cold experimental “Serra”, the Meteorological Observatory (Centro geofisico prealpino) and the “seismic observatory”.

Palazzo Estense (Este Palace)

Today here you can find the public library and the Town Hall, this Palace is an historic home built in the eighteenth century. Orrigoni was the owner, than the property was given to the administrator of the that time in Varese, Francesco III d’Este, Duke of Modena and Reggio. Maria Theresa d’Austria gave him Varese as feud. D’Este restored the structure, inspired by Italian villas and by the palace of Schonbrunn (in Vienna, for the gardens), he designed a new building with a huge garden.

There are many other proposals and visits that you can do in Varese in a one day trip, but we are certain that with this little taste you will be surprised to discover a city that, as often happens in Italy, it is considered less popular but it’s really characteristic and with some unique angles. When you arrive at our hotel, ask for information at the reception desk and book the transfer to and from Varese. The entire staff of Hotel Posta Moltrasio is as always at your disposal to make your holiday on Lake Como unforgettable.

ph. Cover. Sacromonte: By Docfra (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

ph. Giardini Estensi:  By Docfra (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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