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Last Supper-Leonardo-da-Vinci
16 Jun

A weekend at Lake Como among Leonardo and George Clooney

Various reasons attract visitors to Lake Como: some come for the breathtaking view, others hope to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, while some prefer to explore the artworks displayed in the near cities. Why don’t you choose to spend a weekend at Lake Como among Leonardo and George Clooney?

Obviously, we are talking about Leonardo da Vinci. In Milan, in the former Renaissance  canteen of the monastery connected to Santa Maria delle Grazie’s sanctuary, you can admire Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’, also known as ‘Cenacolo Vinciano’.

Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ is one of the most important art pieces of all times, thanks to its innovative concept and the strong influence it had on the artists of its period. If you are spending a weekend at Lake Como, don’t miss out on it: Milan is accessible and conveniently reachable from Lake Como.

In this artwork, Leonardo shows the Gospel’s most dramatic moment, the one in which Christ unveils the upcoming betrayal by one of the apostles. “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me”, he said, and in the painting a nervous commotion envelopes around Jesus, who remains still. All around him, the apostles are painted in groups of three, divided by their reaction to Christ’s words: question, scandal, fear or sorrow.

But why is this artwork considered a masterpiece? First of all, because Leonardo managed to recreated a scene in which the commotion is thicker in the middle of the table and less so at its ends, and this is due to the fact that the speaker’s words are less hearable the further the distance. Also, the scene is enlightened by a light so clear that it reveals even the smallest and refined detail. During your visit to the Cenacolo Vinciano, don’t forget to save some time for Santa Maria delle Grazie, a beautiful Renaissance church.

When you get back from your art-dedicated day, you can take a pleasant walk by Lake Como’s shores or go for a little boat trip. You never know, you could come across George Clooney or some other celebrity! Although, don’t forget to respect their privacy. In order to protect its most famous inhabitant, Laglio’s major issued a special decree, watch out, don’t get yourself fined!

However it goes, even if you don’t manage to come across the handsome George, the chance of glimpsing a VIP is really high, given the fact that many own a holiday house by Lario’s shores. Our advice is, especially if you have never been here, to come visit us for at least a weekend: we will suggest a lot of things to see and do, we are waiting for you with a smile!

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