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Weekend Lago di Como, Panorama Moltrasio
18 Dec

A relaxing weekend at Como Lake

Today I decided to publish on our blog an email that I received a few days ago from a new client. Her experience at Hotel Posta was very good, and to thank us she immediately wrote a letter only to

tell us about the magic experience of her first weekend at Como Lake.

Michela is the girl’s name, and she described her adventure here. We agreed it could be a nice idea to share with all of you the account of her experience, hoping it will be useful. A perfect start to begin dreaming about your vacation here in Moltrasio.

Here’s the email!

Hello Armando, do you remember me? I was a few days ago your guest at the Hotel Posta!

Very often people write to say what went wrong. With this email I only wanted to thank you writing something about my weekend on the lake, which was truly fantastic.

I saw that you have a very interesting blog, if you want you can publish it there as well!

Here is my weekend at Como Lake:

Some days you wake up more tired than when you went to bed the day before. That’s the moment in my mind when I realize that I need to organize a trip. As Henri Laborit once said,“In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and keep dreaming”. Here you are. This was the way my trip at Lake Como was born.

I chose this famous lake due to its proximity to Milan, where I was for business purposes. I had never been before, I don’t know why, and now I regret waiting 31 years before I found this true Lombardy Alps’s Gem.

Unfortunately I could only stay a day and a half, but it was enough to make me realize I will return very soon.

I followed a friend suggestion’s and I stayed for one night at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio.

I arrived in the evening at dinner time. The room was even better than I expected, showing attention to every detail, really welcoming and warm.

My dinner was at the Hotel’s Restaurant: I had a taste of the local lake fish, such as Agonis or Missoltinis. I had never heard of this fish before but they were very yummy!

After dinner, a walk along the lakeside is a must: the light of the moon, now almost full, was illuminating the lake like it was daytime. The mountains were mirrored, and their profile was easily recognizable in the water.

The following morning I enjoyed a rich and tasty breakfast with a view, then I decided to take one of the boats departing from the dock in front of the Hotel.

Travelling by boat is by far the best way to see the Como Lake, due to the way its banks are shaped, so steep and narrow. An ever changing scenery, going from lower hills in the south to snowy mountains in the north, with plenty of majestic villas and little villages perched between the shores and the mountains.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to get to the bottom of the lake (about 3 hours of navigation) or to visit many villages, so I decided to focus on Bellagio, perhaps the most famous one, a real pearl, small but very nice.

Bellagio is really pretty, with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. High end shopping, a coffee in one of the bars with an overlook to the lake and a walk are the rituals of those who spend their Sundays on the “Lungo Lario”.

On Sunday the sun was pleasantly hot, persuading me to linger in the little park near the harbor, admiring the mountains’ silhouettes in the blue sky,completely immersed in the spring.

The ferries, fast and well-organized, allow tourists to move from one location to another easily and to see the villages from the best perspective.

Also by ferry you can reach Como, really well connected to Milan.

I started my journey back late in the evening, the beautiful view deeply imprinted in my mind and the desire in my heart to come back soon for another weekend at Como Lake.

Thank you very much for everything and see you soon!”

Thank you again, Michela, we are waiting for you!


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