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Carlo_Allais Sci Nautico2
13 Aug

Wakeboard and Water Ski at Lake Como

Summer is also the desire to combine outdoor sports and holidays. Lake Como, with its irresistible charm as the hills that are reflected in its waters, offers the possibility, especially in the upper part of the lake, to enjoy water sports, including water ski and wakeboard.

Have you ever tried these two sports?

Take advantage of your holiday at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio to live this exciting experience. It is not dangerous and very funny, also refreshing when it’s really hot.

How does it works water skiing?

First, normally, the instructor will explain everything you need to know regarding the exit from the water, which is the hardest part. Some people could go out from the water the first time, but for some is very difficult. The reasons may be different: sometimes they can not keep the skis parallel in the water before departure. Another reason could be that they try to get up when the force of the boat is not enough to lift their bodies. Once out, however, it is simple to remain in balance.

At that point, you need to improve the posture, to prevent to have pain everywhere the next day! Once you are more sure of yourself, you can try curves, small slalom inside and outside the “follow”, faster and faster.

And the Wakeboard?

Also with Wakeboarding there is a small part of the preparation, necessary to understand how to get out of the water and how to stand up once released. Even with wakeboarding it will be like flying over the water, in fact, once learned, you can try many more “tricks” and jumps compared to water skiing.

Wakeboard or Waterski?

Some people find much harder wakeboarding, other skiing, it depends very much on the posture and a predisposition of the person who is trying. It’s just like when you choose between skiing and snowboarding, you have to try both to see which one better suits you.

Wakeboard and Water Ski Lake Como

Many schools teach these two magnificent sports Lake of Como. If you want your vacation full of watersports, ask at our front desk at Hotel Posta Moltrasio: we will suggest you the best schools in the Lake Como. We are waiting for you!

Photo Credits: Commons Wikimedia

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