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weddings on Lake Como
16 Apr

VIP weddings on Lake Como

The wedding day is a very special event, and Lake Como makes it wonderful. This is why many VIPS are choosing Lario Lake for their wedding. You dream of that day, you image it, you prepare it and then you live it, but you live all those emotions immersed in a dream location like the one that the Larian landscape offers, I can certainly tell you that the memory will truly be unforgettable.

VIP weddings on Lake Como: because the breeze, the reflexes and the atmosphere are magical.

Yes, it’s like this, I could not in a different way the sensations that we try when we host in our Restaurant  La Veranda in Moltrasio banquets and weddings…and yes, it also happened us to host some international VIP that were looking for a more private and familiar place, compared to large and luxurious villas, where you could spend a day with more intimacy and with familiar atmosphere before of the gossip!

There are a lot of famous couples that decide to carry on their wedding at the Lake Como choosing the many structures that overlook the lake, some names? Only to name a few: in 2010 the american actress Emily Blunt (do you remember her into the famous film “The Devil Wears Prada”?) married John Krasinski; in 2014 Christine Teigen and the famous American singer John Legend; in 2011 Giampaolo Pazzini, former Sampdoria and Fiorentina player with Silvia Slitti, showgirl, in 2014 the soccer player Massimo Ambrosini with Paola Angelini. Always in 2014, the show girl Elenoire Casaleggio with the Mediaset manager Sebastiano Lombardi. The list could be much longer, many are in fact the villas that host weddings and private parties and events. Often to maintain the VIP’s privacy, on that special day, we try to prevent leaks.

VIP weddings on Lake Como: when the lake makes you become a star

The sweet life on Lake Como, which we have already talked about in this post, it is definitely an attraction for many customers. But I am certain about one thing: you don’t need to be present in glossy magazines to feel VIP and therefore an important person. In fact is sufficient just a romantic atmosphere and the lake to make every wedding a VIP wedding! Maybe this is the secret, or maybe who knows, but I am certain of one thing: organize a wedding on Lake Como will be a unique experience that will remain into your heart!

Armando, I and the entire Hotel Post and La Veranda Restaurant in Moltrasio staff’s are waiting you for a real VIP wedding!!

VIP’s and Como Lake: between Hollywood and Lario’s “Bella Vita”