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Giardino Villa Melzi Bellagio
15 Mar

It’s spring: Villa Melzi Gardens in Bellagio are reopening!

Do you feel spring in the air? As always, in the most flowery season of the year the Lake Como’ villas re-open for a real triumph of flowers and nature.

Your day at Villa Melzi gardens in Bellagio

When the days are getting longer, the sun is shining and it begins to heat the skin, this is the right time to enjoy our magnificent villas. Today we talk about Villa Melzi in Bellagio, that is open since March 24th. On our blog we have already wrote about the “Pearl of Lake Como” in this article, so our suggestion would be perfect to spend a full day in this charming town.

How to get to Villa Melzi in Bellagio

It’s really easy to get to Villa Melzi: front of our hotel take a boat to Bellagio, the Villa is very close to the pier, the entrance is located after the Lido di Bellagio and you will not have difficulty finding it during your walk along the lake.

Villa Melzi History

This historic villa was built in 1808-1810 for Francesco Melzi, Duke of Lodi in neoclassical style by Albertolli. The villa has a unique mix of elegance and sobriety, in perfect harmony with the Lake Como’s landscape. Melzi was living into the house until his death in 1816. The Villa is still inhabited by Gallarati Scotti family, Melzi’s heirs, and for this reason of course is not open.

The gardens of Villa Melzi

The gardens of Villa Melzi are among the most beautiful and harmonious of Lario: stretch along the Lake Como’s shores, they are in English style and full of flowers, plants and native trees, but also different alien species have been added. Part of the garden is very special because it reflects the construction of the oriental gardens, enriched by a lake with water lilies. The colors of this part of the garden are something unique, between avenues accompanied by silent plane trees and hundreds of azaleas. You must walk slowly and breathe to enjoy this wonder, where you will also see precious statues and the Kiosk “Moreno”. This kiosk in Moorish style with light colors is simply wonderful, would remain embedded in your eyes, almost suspended between the earth and the lake. Another must is the orangery, which now houses a rich archaeological museum, sixteenth century frescoes and Napoleonic memorabilia.

Definitely a villa not to be missed! If you want a day in Bellagio complete it with a visit to Villa Melzi ask at the reception, we will be happy to give you all the information you need, always with a smile!

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