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Il Parco di Villa del Grumello: una perla del Lago di Como
8 Nov

Villa del Grumello Park: a pearl of Lake Como

Lake Como is known for its breathtaking beauty, with its crystal clear waters and picturesque villas overlooking it. Prominent among them is the majestic Villa del Grumello, surrounded by a lush park that is a true oasis of tranquility and beauty. Today we will explore the history, curiosities and activities that you can do inside the Villa del Grumello Park.

History, Architecture and Curiosities of the Villa del Grumello

The Villa del Grumello is an 18th-century architectural jewel located on the shores of Lake Como, a short walk from the center of Como. Built at the behest of the archbishop of Milan, Innocenzo Odescalchi, the villa is an extraordinary example of the neoclassical style found in its elegant facade and in the decorations that adorn the interiors.

One of the most fascinating curiosities concerns the connection between the Villa del Grumello and the famous writer Alessandro Manzoni, author of “I Promessi Sposi.” It is said that Manzoni, during a visit to the villa, drew inspiration for some of the most romantic scenes in his novel. This detail adds a touch of romance and literary history to the place.

Villa del Grumello Park: activities and openings

Villa del Grumello Park is an explosion of colors and scents, with Italianate gardens, flower beds and ancient trees. Nature and photography lovers will find countless opportunities to take unforgettable photographs.

The park offers various activities for visitors. You can take a leisurely walk along the paths, enjoy a picnic among the ancient trees, or simply relax on the benches while admiring the lake. In addition, the villa hosts cultural events, art exhibitions and conferences, offering a unique cultural experience.

There are numerous activities offered by the Villa del Grumello including botany, environmental education, art and energy practices. A calendar of initiatives can be found on the official website.

Highlighted in particular are the many initiatives scheduled for Sunday, November 19, 2023 – the last day the park will be open – to celebrate the ancient trees and the 4 monumental trees of Villa del Grumello Park, on the occasion of the nearby World Tree Day .

Then on Sunday, December 3, 2023, yet another day of events to greet the rich cultural season 2023 proposed by the Villa del Grumello Association.

In addition, Villa del Grumello is one of the stops on the Chilometro della Conoscenza, a pedestrian route that connects three adjacent villas in Como cn their respective parks.

The Villa del Grumello Historic Botanical Park will be open to the public until next November 19, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday through Friday (closed on Saturdays and in case of bad weather).

Il Parco di Villa del Grumello: una perla del Lago di Como

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