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Villa Balbianello Star Wars
12 Jul

Star Location: Villa del Balbianello, Star Wars fans and Cosplayer

We have already wrote several times about Villa del Balbianello on our blog because it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Como Lake villas, but today we want to talk about a curiosity. This villa, as well for its beauty and its garden divided on several levels, it is one of the most popular among Star Wars cosplay and fans.

Villa del Balbianello and Star Wars

On these spectacular shores George Lucas decided to set some scenes of one of his most important and famous movie: ”Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones”. The movie, shot in 2002 is one of those that still brings more fans on the lake’s shores, excited to relive personally these sights. Lulled by the waves of the lake, here took place on the clandestine marriage between Princess Padmé and Anakin, on the banks of the most romantic world of Naboo. In the beautiful and characteristic “Loggia of Villa Balbianello” it was filmed the famous kissing scene between the young couple.

Star Wars Fans that love to imitate their idols and find the locations where were filmed scenes of this cult movie, so many people come specifically to Villa del Balbianello, near Lenno. George Lucas in addition to it chose to shoot some scenes even in the Rogaro’s plain, which has a wonderful natural terrace by the magnificent view over our lake (located between the towns of Tramezzo and Griante) and at the pier near to the Park Civic “Teresio Sallowthorns” in Tramezzo. If you are a Star Wars fan you should definitely take the opportunity and go for a walk in these beautiful locations during your holiday on Como Lake. In addition, our lake was also the protagonist of many other movies with its unique and magnificent views: here you can find all the films shot here for a real “cinema” tour!

Como Lake and Cosplay

The curiosity? Many fans are dressed exactly like their favorite characters. You knew this trend? Those who disguise themselves by imitating their comics, manga or movie’s heroes are called cosplayer and many are now also in Italy. The “Cosplay” was born in the United States in 1939, but only in 1984 a Japanese reporter, Nobuyuki Takahashi, invented the word “cosplay” adding the words “costume” and “play”. The spread of this new art form began in 1995, when a Japanese newspapers spoke for the first time of a Tokyo group of guys who wore costumes made to imitate the Neon Genesis Evangelion series characters. From this small group Cosplay was spread on a planetary level, although the place where this trend is prevalent is always Japan.

In Italy and in Europe on the other hand Cosplay is more a hobby for enthusiasts who enjoy, especially during special meetings, to dress up in the clothes of their favorite character from movies, Japanese anime and American cartoons. The cosplayers create their costumes mostly by hand, taking care of every detail: hairstyles, makeup, often imitating and playing with a similar voice or acting as the chosen subject. In Como, as well as cosplayers with characters from the Star Wars universe that occasionally appear to Villa Balbianello (here you can see some pictures), on 16 March 2016 for the first time was organized a Cosplay event during the exhibition “Hitokoma Manga Show”.

In short, between cinema and cosplay as always our Lake shows itself as beautiful, fascinating and sometimes eventful and very curious. Why don’t you come and visit the “set” of Villa del Balbianello? Who knows, maybe you can meet the beautiful Princess Padmé that will make you relive the Star Wars’ emotions. We are waiting for you, as always, with a smile!

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