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Villa Carlotta Events
10 May

Villa Carlotta on Lake Como: Event Summer 2016

Villa Carlotta that is one of the most visited and well-known Lake Como historic villas, this year it has prepared a program suited to all tastes perfect to give an experience to our tourists: it will make this Villa even more interesting.

The events at Villa Carlotta are divided by type and interests:

  • CONTEMPORARY: art and artists
  • ARTS & CRAFTS: artisans, materials, laboratories
  • CARLOTTA KIDS: workshops and camps for children.

Here you can find all the Villa Carlotta’s events until July

For information and links we recommend you to write to or visit the web site.


13/06 – 17/06 and 05/09 – 09/09


Discovering the park and Villa Carlotta.

8:30 am / 16:30 from 6 until 11 years old, reservations before May 25th or before 20 July.

Event’s presentation on May 15th at 16.00. Info:


05/14/2016 – 12/06/2016


From wild species to gardens, to the plants that feed us: an iconographic collection of botanical watercolors and cyanotype. Over sixty works and a special section devoted to cereals, particularly to rice.



RICE CANDIES: Meetings and tastings

Meeting organized by Roberto Bonati, followed by a tasting with chef Lucia Guglielmetti

First appointment h.11.00.

Second round h.13.00.

Cost: € 20 with a visit to the garden and museum + participation at the booked event.


21/05/2016, 12/06/2016, 21/06/2016, 17/06/2016

ULIVETO: tasting extra virgin olive oil

The recovery of the ancient Italian fields and Lake Como oil.

Cost: € 15 with a visit to the garden and museum + participation at the booked event. (For timetables and information look at the website).


25/05/2016 – 31/05/2016

GIOCHI DI FILI, HAND WEAVING: an experimentation hand-weaving laboratory.

Lilà weaving laboratory presents the infinite possibilities of the textile world with a focus on games created with colors. Using ancient wooden looms, Lilà creates unique and unrepeatable artifacts with wool, silk and cashmere.

Workshop for adults ‘Fili ribelli’: May 28th 13.30 / 15.30 – € 15

Workshop for children, min. 5 years old, ‘Fili ribelli’: May 29th 13.30 / 15.30 – Entrance € 10


25/05/2016 – 07/06/2016


Lavender scent: a new idea based on ancient principles and natural remedies. Products from a little company that works with organic cultivation, essential oil processing by expert craftsmen.


03/06/2016 – 26/06/2016

IMPRESSIONS OF WOMAN. SILVIA Rutolo: A lab to create jewelry

In the beautiful setting of the old garden, the artisan Silvia Rutolo proposes a handmade jewelry’s exhibition. Elegant play of light and color harmonies to create a collection with the central figure of the woman, with classic and modern style. You can watch the jewelry production and glass products according to the Murano technique.

Workshop for children min. 7 years old, 11th June 15.30 / 17.30 – Entrance € 10

Workshop for adults on June 18th 15.30 / 17.30 – Entrance € 15

Calligraphy workshops for adults and children


10/06/2016 – 26/06/2016


Line, point, curve…signs to write, to draw. Ink and glass, calligraphy and fusing, two distant worlds reconciled to communicate a thought, an idea, an emotion. The deep antiquity and the depth of the soul.

Workshop for adults and children 12th,19th and 25th June 14:30 to 15:30 (children from 11 years old, max 4 people)

Admission € 15 adults, € 10 children


01/07/2016 – 17/07/2016


The Danish artist is inspired by the world around him: his travel experiences, the flow of mass media, social media, politics, conflicts, advertising, comic books, video games and movies. His paintings are constructed like great symphonies with numerous twisted details in a rhythmic flow in which color and light convey a common understanding between artist and viewer.


01/07/2016 – 17/07/2016


Greek artist, inspired by her journeys, she gives us through her paintings the enchantment of wonderful distant places. The paintings show landscapes lived with her heart and reworked with her mind, involving visitors.


07/06/2016 – 07/20/2016


His works tell the cultural diversity of different peoples and the balance between man and nature. The artist studied the natives’ legends and the deep traits of their feel pure and true, between myth and nature.


07/08/2016 – 17/07/2016


From Bormio, the artist paints on Lake Como, where he currently resides, with skill and talent. His canvases are transparency of himself, full of joy, sadness, poetry, imagination and love of his homeland, where he lives in contact with nature.


22/07/2016 – 08/07/2016


The artist made a careful research on ceramic material, different firings, many possible forms. Villa Carlotta offers contemporary ceramic sculptures, furnishings and wall paintings. Workshop for children on July 24th and August 6th 15.00 – 16.30 – ages 6 -12 years

Laboratory for adults July 24th and August 3th 15.00 – 16.30

Admission € 15 adults, € 10 children


23/07/2016 – 03/08/2016


Metals, stones, pearls and corals are the materials used by the artist. The knowledge of traditional techniques and manual dexterity permit the construction of artifacts in which the matter becomes beauty.


Do you know Villa Carlotta?

Villa Carlotta is a wonder to find out as well as we told you here and here. Villa Carlotta is close to our hotel and you can reach it by bus or by car (in about an hour) or by boat (to Tremezzo). We remind you that the boat and the bus can be taken easily because they are respectively in front and to the side of our Hotel.

For info, reservations and curiosity we are at your disposal: good summer!

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