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Villa Balbianello and the other Fai properties
1 Mar

Discover Villa Balbianello and the other Fai properties

The Lake Como’s villas of are famous for being the most beautiful in Europe and in the world. One of those that you definitely can not miss is “Villa del Balbianello”, in Tremezzina, Como, that is managed by the FAI, the Italian Environment Fund.

Why you can not lose it? Simple for its beauty and for the guided tour that will allow you to know all its secrets.

How to reach Villa del Balbianello and Tremezzo

To reach Villa Balbianello from the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio is very simple: just cross the street and go to the pier: here you can find the right boat, and go up to the first departing for Tremezzina / Lenno. I, during my visit, I went down to Lenno, where, after a short walk downtown, in just over a kilometer through the Lake Como’s Green Way I reached the villa, but it is also available a small taxi boat.

Percorso Fai Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello and the Fai properties

Villa Balbianello is part of the magnificent location managed by Fai: what does it means? That the Italian fund for the environment care these structures and makes it available and accessible by public, it’s a non-profit organization. The Fai aim is to protect the Italian landscape. To help this fund, you can also make a donation or subscribe, or you can choose to visit one of the other 25 properties managed and restored from them.


Villa Balbianello 2

Villa Balbianello, a dream place

Always considered one of the most romantic and beautiful villas of the Lake Como, each year attracts many couples that are choosing it to get married.

The villa is located on a very green promontory, which creates a peninsula where it was built in the early seventeenth century on several levels. Since the opening, it was a place experienced by intellectuals of the “Italian Risorgimento.” During the visit, that lasted about an hour, I could visit for you the various rooms of the villa with a prepared guide.

Loggia Villa Balbianello

The Loggia of Villa Balbianello

One feature that makes this a unique villa is the “loggia of Cardinal Durini”, that gives to those who visit this place a unique Lake Como’s view: looking north you can see Tremezzina, while turning to the south you will see the Comacina Island. Being careful where you step, you can admire a wind rose created on the floor, built by Guido Monzino, that was owner in ‘900 and who gave a very strong mark to this villa, with its love for travel and geographical expeditions. A feature of this Loggia is the ficus that wraps around the columns.

Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello

The Library of Villa Balbianello

The library was modified after the Monzino’s requests, which removed all that was there, decorating everything with English-style furniture. Into the library  you can see books especially devoted to geography and mountaineering.

The Primitives Room

Monzino was an explorer: his home is a true reflection of what he saw during his travels: in this room, for example, we find a few pieces of primary art, as African, precolombian and archaic art. The layout of this room is very functional, and the decor is very different from that of the rest of the villa.

The Museum of Shipments

Monzino was a true explorer. He participated in numerous expeditions, and in the attic of his house he has created a veritable archive of artifacts, pictures and flags associated with his feats from around the world.

Villa Balbianello Tremezzina

The Villa Balbianello’s Garden

After the guided visit, dedicate a bit of your time to the beautiful landscaped Villa’s garden, in which you can encounter also a small church. Walking along the not difficult climb, you will be flanked by plane trees and statues, nestled among manicured lawns and flower beds. The garden of this house, because of its geography is unique, perfectly embedded in the landscape that surrounds it.

Villa Balbianello 1

Villa Balbianello and Star Wars

A dream location for weddings and more: Villa Balbianello has become often set for film productions. One of the most famous movies filmed here is “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” by George Lucas in 2002, but we cannot forget also “A Month by the Lake” by John Irvin,” filmed in 1995, and “Casino Royale” by Martin Campbell in 2006.

You can find more information about Villa Balbianello and the Fai into their official website, or you can ask to me or to Armando, we will be happy to help you to organize your day on Lake Como, as always, with a smile!

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