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Valtellina terra di vini speciali
19 Aug

Valtellina, a land of special wines

Just an hour from Hotel Posta in Moltrasio you will discover an incredible wine land, Valtellina, a fantastic area full of traditions and history, with ancient villages on the border between Italy and Switzerland, in northern Lombardy. Valtellina is a large river valley that goes from east to west. It’s composed of two main valleys, the Lira and Mera valleys, which correspond to Valchiavenna and the Adda Valley. Adda is a river which crosses lower and upper Valtellina and dives into our lake Of Como. Valtellina has a particular arrangement: it makes the weather perfect for viticulture. For that reason on the Rhaetian Alps side of the valley over the centuries have been built over 2500 kilometers of drystone walls. A great work that supports the terraced vineyards from which the important Valtellina wines are born.

Valtellina is also a place rich in flavors and characterized by the presence of vineyards, that are a considerable resource for the area, indeed along the road that crosses the valley there are fascinating places as Colico, Morbegno and Sondrio, where there are important wineries. All them offer visits to their beautiful wineries, to taste all the Valtellina’s wines: Sforzato, Valtellina, Nebbiolo, Inferno etc.

The Valtellina’s wine route

In this wonderful area you will find the famous Wine Route, 67km of panoramic road that allows you to discover the places of production of the main Valtellina’s wines among the terraced vineyards, accessible by car, bicycle and walking. For the most athletic one there have been created many trails that give the opportunity to reach the majestic Valtellina peaks. This area includes several production of DOC and DOCG wines (guaranteed and controlled) obtained from nebbiolo grapes, which mature very late but which have been able to create, over the centuries, a perfect blend with this land, giving unique very important wines.

Sassella is produced between Sondrio and Castione Andevenno; the famous Inferno wine instead is produced among the villages of Poggirenti and Chiuro. Other amazing wines are created there, such as Maroggia, Valgella and the above mentioned Nebbiolo, Sforzato and Valtellina. Surely the best times to visit this zone are spring, when the vines are in bloom, and autumn, when at the time when the vines are ready, to offer you a unique spectacle of its kind.

The Valtellina’s “Via dei Terrazzamenti”

The various viticultural areas are also linked by La Via dei Terrazzamenti, on the Rhaetian Alps side of the valley. Walking through this route you will find the vineyards that are created on the rocky side. In fact it is thanks to the rock and to their position, protected from strong winds, that vineyards have three times the solar heat intake. This area has also a strong artistic and historical value, due to historic-artistic buildings such as churches with important Renaissance and Baroque period works.

Valtellina, a wine land all to discover.

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