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3 Nov

Tripe on the table at La Veranda Restaurant – Lake Como

Tripe Milanese style is a delight !

La Veranda Restaurant on Lake Como offers from Saturday 8th to 11th  November the “TRIPPA”, a dish in the Como area and beyond.
A traditional  typical dish of Tuscany, Rome and Milan cuisine.

Also called “Busecca” in the area of Como and Milan, or “trippa alla milanese”, the meat is cut into strips and then cooked with vegetables, spices and herbs.
An autumn dish!
The Veranda Restaurant in Moltrasio, offers both the trippa for lunch or take away at a cost of  € 10.00 per dish.

The next typical dish proposal of the region will be “Cazoeula”. The event is scheduled for the weekend 22nd / 23rd  November …

Bon Appetite ! And for those who have never tasted these traditional dishes, we recommend a lunch at La Veranda Restaurant ….

For reservations:

La Veranda Restaurant

Tel: + 39 031 290444


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