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Tremezzo, uno dei borghi più belli d'Italia
24 Jul

Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful italian villages

We often talk about Lake Como, villas and VIP, but I believe that one of the characteristics that makes our territory so special and that like so much to our guests, is the presence of many small jewels such Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy: ‘Middle heart’

Tremezzo is globally recognized as a wonders to visit into the web portal and guide “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. The name Tremezzo presumably derives from ‘middle ground’ and its central geographical location near to the Lake Como’s shores and as it often happens with historical towns, under one name we find several villages between lake and mountains: Portezza, Azzano, Bolvedro. Tremezzo gave the name to the whole area, then to the mountains Bolvedro Superior, Balogno, Plum, Rogaro, Volesio, Intignano and Viano.

Tremezzo is unique because of its unique location between lake and mountains.

Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, contains a unique history. We talk about this country since the Roman times because from here they had the way open to the Alps. The same way at that time allowed trade links between European cities and East India Company. After a great flourishing period came the decadence and many families sold their houses to wealthy gentlemen from Milan that they used as summer residence. In this way they build new buildings and in 1850 also came the first hotels. In 1915, the First World War gave tourism a first stop, then it began to grow again. There remain important memories of how militaries built mountain roads, tunnels and trenches that are still visible in part and can be visited thanks to the many hiking trails like the Monte Crocione’s one (the most beautiful panoramic Lake Como’s tour).

Tremezzo is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy with gardens, villas and residences such as Villa Carlotta: my advice is to ‘get lost’ in this village. In fact you can admire all the historical villas including the famous Villa Carlotta with its beautiful botanical garden; Teresio Olivelli’s park, where you can stroll or enjoy a drink in the Acqua Dolce lounge bar. Certainly one of the most curious paths is the one that runs along the historic Portici Sampietro with clubs, bars, restaurants and shops selling local handicrafts. To visit Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, go in front of the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, you can easily take one of the characteristic boats that will make you get off just in front of Villa Carlotta’s entrance. When you arrive at the hotel ask us for times and information: the staff will be at your disposal to help you organize your trip.

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