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Trekking al Parco di Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone tra Lecco e Brianza
13 Jun

Trekking to the “Parco di Montevecchia” (Montevecchia Park) and to the Curone valley

Today we take you on a trip to a place into the Como’s territory, norther then of Milan, between Brianza and Lecco, a very special place where you can enjoy some of the more or less intense trails suitable for all ages: Parco di Montevecchia and the Curone Valley.

Where are Montevecchia Park and Curone Valley?

The Montevecchia park and Curone Valley are between Lecco and Brianza. They cover an area of ​​about 2741 hectares and extend to eleven communes: Merate, Cernusco Lombardone, Lomagna, Missaglia, Montevecchia, Olgiate Molgora, Osnago, Perego, Rovagnate, Sirtori and Viganò.

It is not an integral reserve, but a diversified area where there are also urban centers, productive settlements, areas dedicated to agriculture and farms, with architectural monuments of great artistic and cultural value. The Montevecchia Park and Curone Valley coincides with the extreme green place of the south-eastern Brianza, together with agricultural and industrial plain around Milan.

The trails in the Montevecchia Park and in the Curone Valley

The Park offers eleven paths and there are many natural landscapes able to satisfy all tastes and pick them up in great emotions, all to remember. With the aim of giving you unique experiences, there is a ring route that involves the most significant and characteristic trails and features of the park to visit in about six hours. You can freely choose shorter or longer trails, all walking on gentle hills and territories, also made up of historic mule tracks, resulting from centuries of work of the peasant peoples of the old Brianza. Find out about the various departures of all eleven paths at this link.

Information about the Montevecchia Park and the Curone Valley

The Park Management has its headquartered in:
Loc. Butto, 1 | 23874 Montevecchia (LC) Tel: 039/9930384 | Fax: 039/9930619

How to reach Montevecchia Park and the Curone Valley from our Moltrasio Hotel?

The only way is to reach the starting point of each trail is driving with your car along the state road 36 called of Lake Como and Spluga. When you to arrive at the Hotel you can request informations at the reception about the many hiking trails in our area.
I’m waiting for you to help you organize your excursion to the Montevecchia Park and the Curone Valley.

Ph: Park Management Entity.

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