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26 Mar

Traveling with pets at Lake Como: discover how to do it

Sometimes traveling with pets turns out to be more complicated than anticipated. Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way everywhere. Here at Lake Como and at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, your pets are more than welcome.

Traveling is the best thing ever, no doubts about that. The unforgettable moments are those we shared with the ones we love, with our family and our pets. Leaving without our loyal companions is really disheartening, and it’s not an easy decision to leave them home, taken care of by some friend o in a gloomy boarding kennel.

It has to be said that cats are strongly tied to their territory, their home, and hardly follow happily their owner on a trip. Dogs, on the other hand, like to travel, to discover new places, to sniff them, explore them, meet and play with other dogs, running and jumping around, fully enjoying the holiday. At Lake Como usually they like to jump in the water, sometimes after a stick, sometimes just to find some solace from the summer heat.

Often, for different reasons, hotels don’t accept pets, and it becomes hard for you to travel accompanied by your dog. At Lake Como and Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, on the other hand, they are more than welcome! For many years already, our love for animals persuaded us to accept small and medium sized dogs in our establishments.

With their playful attitude and those big eyes you cant say no to, dogs completely won us over. Our four-legged guests literally turn into celebrities, cuddled and pampered by everyone they come across in the hotel. We bond so much that when it’s time for them to leave, we are all a bit sad.

Being able to bring your pets at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio allows you to live out your holiday with the maximum relaxation: your loyal companion will sleep in the same room, will have a bowl of fresh water should he be thirsty when he comes back from a long walk and, in case you run out of dog food, our kitchen will prepare something for him. The only thing we ask is that you keep your dog on a leash, to not disturb the other guests.

Something to remember, even in this dog friendly area, is to bring a muzzle with you. At Lake Como, in fact, dogs are allowed on the boats but only if muzzled, for travelers’ safety. Overall dogs are allowed to enter most restaurant and shops by the Lake, on the contrary they will be treated with due respect, like real celebrities.

Patty, the staff of Hotel Posta Moltrasio and I remain at your disposition to advise the most suitable itineraries, and we are sure that your holiday at Lake Como will turn into an essential date on your calendar for you and your four-legged friend. Discover now our establishments, we couldn’t be happier to welcome you both!

Here follows the link to Navigazione Lago di Como for more info:

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