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11 Nov

Torno and Moltrasio: History of peace between two villages on lake Como

Only a few people know that between Torno and Moltrasio, villages that are one in front of the other one that are overlooking the first basin of Lake Como, there were not a good feeling.

Torno and Moltrasio: historic towns always friends and enemies

The date in which was born this love / hate relationship that you can feel among the inhabitants of the two villages also nowadays is 11th June 1522. On that day, in fact, Torno was destroyed by the Spaniards and Moltrasio, on the other side of the lake, celebrated it ringing the bells.

“In that day the Moltrasio’s men, ducal land expanded in the other Lario’s side, ringed the celebration’s bells for the St. Barnabas’ Feast, their patron saint. So, people known that they were Torno’s enemy and they though that it was a pretext to joy for the enemies defeat”

(F. Ballarini – “Compendium of Chronicles of the City of Como” Como, 1619)

Torno and Moltrasio villages united by culture and many events

The episode above suggested to the the “Associazione Pro Moltrasio” and to the Pro Loco to propose a sort of “reconciliation” between the two countries placed just opposite one to each other on the banks of the Lake Como’s first basin. On June 11th of each year it is celebrated this memory and are organized playful and convivial events, and cultural study of various aspects of this territory. Today Torno and Moltrasio villages are certainly places that you must visit if you want to breathe the true characteristic climate of small villages that overlook the lake.

How to reach Torno from Moltrasio? …By boat or swimming!

In front of our hotel you can easily take the boat and in few minutes you can get on the other side of the lake to visit the beautiful village of Torno and maybe leave for some trekking route as the Via Regia’s discovery (to read it click here).
Every year, in summer, in late July, you can also watch the classic crossing of the lake by swim, professional and amateur swim into the Lake Como from Torno to Moltrasio. An event which attracts many people and, of course, always ends in the name of good food.

When you arrive at the Hotel, ask for information, we will be happy to recommend you the perfect route and the most suitable times of the boat, for a truly unique day, far from the classic routes.

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