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13 Oct

Today we entroduce Hlima another member of Hotel Posta Staff !!

Albergo Posta Moltrasio, located on the beautiful shores of Lake Como, presents Hlima working with Giovanna  and Mounir for the room’s cleaning .

The vote about the cleanliness of the rooms and the hotel is one of the highest ratings that the Hotel Posta receive by his guests. Order, wellness, care of the environment are a must for the Hotel .

Now let’s talk about Hlima …
Name: Hlima
Role:  Chambermaid
Age: 29
Location: Morocco but has lived in Italy for 13 years
How long have you at Hotel Posta? : 5 years
Favorite Music: Tiziano Ferro
What is the best aspect of your job? : Improve the service by learning from others
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite color: Black
You can not live without: my son and music
Your best feature: willpower

Dear Hlima have a good day !!

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