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alba sul lago di Como
2 Feb

To climb Lake Como’s mountains to see the sunrise

To climb the Lake Como’s mountains to see the sunrise seems to be the current fashion. It is common to see organized groups or simple trekking lovers who travel roads that lead at the top of our mountains, early in the morning, to enjoy this magical moment: the dawn. What it fascinates so much? What drives these people, often groups of young people and tourists to choose this experience?

To climb the Lake Como’s mountains to see the sunrise: the magic of silence. The desire to discover our wonderful Larian territory it’s also that, experiencing a unique feeling that only nature can give you. From San Primo Mount, Brunate, Bisbino, the Intelvi’s valley tops, up to the hills and the mountains that form the Lake Como Panorama’s, as the wonderful Crocione mount above Tremezzo: all destinations are reachable in safety and by car, with a small final path. The quiet, the silence in which you are immersed during these experiences is really special: you walk, you can feel the breath. Getting to the top of the mountains becomes a unique experience, to share the dawn time with your group, friends or family is an indelible memory.

To climb the Lake Como’s mountains to see the sunrise: is better to don’t do-it-yourself but only with people who well know the territory. In winter or in summer, this is certainly an experience that we recommend to do for those who enjoy hiking and nature on Lake Como. Certainly you should not forget that it is a night adventure, for that reason is better to have this experience only with people who know the Lake Como’s mountains. If you are interested in this experience, when you arrive at the hotel please tell us your request and we’ll advise some expert guides who, on request, could organize excursions specifically for groups and families.

To climb the Lake Com’s mountains to see the sunrise will be an incredible experience: try it!
Salire sui monti del lago di Como per vedere l’alba

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