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Arcobaleno sul Lago di Como quando piove | Lake Como when it rains
3 Apr

Things to do at Lake Como when it rains: some ideas for you

Yes, even when having a milder and a definitely dryer climate than the rest of northern Italy, every now and then even here it rains. When we wake up and it’s all grey skies outside, the most frequently asked question at the reception is: ‘What shall we do at Lake Como when it rains?”

These are our advice on what to do on Lake Como when it rains

First of all don’t be discouraged and enjoy a plentiful breakfast with a view on the lake from the terrace of the Hotel Posta. The Lario is indeed charming even when the sky is clouded. Once you have finished the cappuccino prepared by Armando, start thinking about which of the following proposal is the most suitable for you:

A walk in Como

If you aren’t excited about the buzz of the metropolis, Como will suit you perfectly: small, charming and with plenty of things to discover. Encircled by beautiful medieval walls, you will have plenty to choose from between churches, museums, shops and cafes. A few suggestions? Visit the Dome, the basilica of San Fedele, of Sant’Abbondio, of San Carpoforo or the church of the Santissimo Crocifisso. If you are not into religious art, try one of the many museums, for example the Silk Museum, the Tempio Voltiano, (a museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta, born in Como) or the Pinacoteca, the Archeologic Museum or the wandering museum dedicated to Garibaldi. We advise you to read this article to discover all the wonders of the city of Como

A visit to the villas of Lake Como

One of the most popular attractions of Lake Como are certainly the numerous villas present in this area. Certainly a visit on a beautiful day with the sun is ideal, but the charm of these historic buildings full of wonders will leave you speechless even in the rain. It will certainly be the perfect opportunity to explore the interiors to discover the works of art, historical relics and architectural details that characterize the Como villas.

Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello, Villa Serbelloni, the choice is really wide and to help you we advise you to read our article entirely dedicated to the villas of Lake Como.

Daytrip in Milan

A visit to a big city is exactly what you need when the weather is unsure: the underground, the massive amount of shops, museums and events makes Milan the queen of the rainy days. You really can’t get bored here! Milan is very close and easily reachable, less than one hour by train from Como. If you love art, don’t forget to squeeze a visit to the “Last Supper” into your day.

Long live shopping!

If you happen to love shopping, Milan obviously has the highest amount of shops around. But don’t be discouraged, Como also has a variety of nice shops suitable to any kind of budget. I suggest you to take a look, you will surely agree with me! If your goal is instead buying branded products at a discount price, I advise you to visit the Shopping Fox Town mall.

And for me, some relax

Yes it is true that rain is boring, but sometimes it is good to lay back and recharge your batteries. If the weather forecasts a grey day, I suggest you to sleep a bit more than usual. After the plentiful breakfast, why don’t you read a good book or spend a few hours at the Cafe Bellini, here you will also find a free wi-fi network to surf the internet a bit. Otherwise, take up the chance and do some work. But if you are on vacation, enjoy the quiet: it’s so good to slack under the blankets when it’s raining outside, no? Armando, the staff and I are ready to suggest you what to do during your rainy days at Lake Como. And don’t be sad, the sun will come back soon (maybe even a rainbow)!

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