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27 Dec

The year-end rankings of our Hotel Posta – Moltrasio

On the pages of our blog we tell you the life that you can breathe into the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, on Lake Como, and we give you our advices on how to spend your holiday with tour, ideas, art and culture. But what is really behind the management of an Hotel like ours? You know that our strength is given by the team and the family atmosphere, but this year, to give you our greetings before the traditional annual closure, we wanted to draw some ranking: small curiosities that will make you understand how much work and passion we put every day, proudly, at your service.

Dishes, cocktails, desserts and curiosity about the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio: here is what you requested in this year.

We have registered more than 5,700 hotel nights.
The more request room was our splendid No. 20, then the n° 10.
The international breakfast was the most appreciated and our proposal with Parma ham aged 20 months was the most demanded by our guests.
The most requested dish at the Veranda Restaurant? “Ravioli della casa” with pine nuts sauce.
Among the most popular dishes and therefore always findable on our menu, tagliatelle with mushrooms and scented calamari with lime have dominated all year long.
About our desserts, our guests have appreciated the traditional proposal: Tiramisù and all the frozen desserts in their infinite variations.
Moving to Cafe Bellini, could not be missed the most requested cocktails ever (and even more loved by us Italians) Spritz!

Excursions: the tour of Lake Como also won this year

What about the tours? More than 17,000 people have embarked on the “Navigazione Lago di Como” boats in Moltrasio directly from the landing pier that, I remember you, is right in front of our hotel.
The more requested trip? The inevitable day boat trip with a visit to the wonders of the central part of Lake Como: Bellagio, Tremezzo with Villa Carlotta, Varenna, Menaggio.
We are happy that the work that we are developing on our blog like more and more, among the most popular articles of 2016 there is one about all the scenic mountain routes (including for example Piona, Brunate) and posts that tell of the beautiful villas of our Lake Como.

The familiar atmosphere and the beautiful relationship that we create with our guests often have as results even curious questions.

Among those most frequently asked questions there are the ones concerning our Grandfather Italo and his age: many have known him from our website and on arrival in our Hotel have really wanted to meet him to ask how old he is.
Finally, I must say that my constant presence has often begs the question ‘… but Armando, when do you sleep?’ …I sleep …I sleep, just you don’t notice it, my home is really the Hotel: how could I not be present in place that you love?

Vacation closing: see you in March 2017 (with an offer for you who want to book for the new season)

Living in a hotel is a unique experience and we are all really excited to enjoy every day of this opportunity. We work very hard, and it is not always visible, but we could offer the quality of service that you have been able to test only thanks to the presence of a magnificent team: I want to personally thank all of them, on behalf of the whole family Vanini – Taroni.

Like every year we are going to have an holiday:

Hotel Posta in Moltrasio in fact will be closed from January 2nd, 2017 and it will reopen on March 16th, 2017.
You can already book your stay for the 2017 season with a special discount up to 15%.
Check availability directly from our website’s Home page.

Thanks for this special year, see you in 2017 and we wish you that it would be a wonderful year!

…The cover image is an old picture, but we hope that this year snow will arrive giving the magical atmosphere that only it can give.

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