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Polenta e Misultin
14 Apr

The typical kitchen of Como – Lake Como

 Eating  on Lake Como …

Lake Como is renowned for some of the dishes based on fish from the lake that are offered mainly in the coastal restaurants …
One of the dishes is definitely the risotto with perch fillets , always very appreciated by local people and  tourists from all over the world .  A ” national dish ” of the lake !

But there are appetizers and main courses of fish from the lake as: “misultitt ” shad sun-dried and pressed with salt, or marinated fish  , fried and marinated in vinegar and white wine … Very good as well are the bleaks  fried or trout pickled and smoked or as a main dish a  delicate whitefish cooked with herbs and white wine.
The fish soup in “Tremezzina” style  ia a very request dish , with pike , trout, chub, perch and burbot . All fishes  of our Lake Como.

To taste some flavors of Lake Como,  You can eat at the Restaurant La Veranda , an elegant dining room with a terrace overlooking the lake …
Here you will learn about the typical tastes  of our  Lake accompanied by excellent wines .

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