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Punti Panoramici Lago Como| most panoramic Lake Como's points
25 Jul

The most beautiful panoramic spots on Lake Como

Wherever you turn your head, the landscape changes, every reflection, every nuance, every corner takes a different form: our Lake Como is an authentic triumph of landscapes, colors and emotions, each time different. Also the exact same point has a different color in each second. For that reason an experience that could not be missed is to wander in search of the most beautiful panoramic spots on Lake Como, where you can steal a few shots to our beloved Lario.

Monte San Primo above Bellagio

To see our Lake Como from an optimal place, you should climb the San Primo mount. The mountain is located in the center of the Larian Triangle, and it is the highest of the surrounding area. The walks are easy and from there you can admire a splendid panorama of the lake and of the surrounding mountains.


We have already talked about the Brunate’s Funicular because it is beautiful and easy to get. It’s a perfect starting point for beautiful walks that will lead you in no time to the source of Pissarottino, a panoramic point really incredible.


Pigra is another view point that you can reach without effort. It’s 700 meters high above the sea level, just above Argegno, but thanks to the funicular you will see easily the lake on its western shore. I wrote an article about this wonderful place, you can find it by clicking here.

Lanzo and the Sighignola’s Belvedere

Do you know the Intelvi’s Valley? Right above Lanzo, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, you can find a wonderful panoramic terrace (also called the Italian Balcony) located right on the border, but still in Italian territory. From here you would have a wonderful view direction west, where you can see all the highest Alps’ peaks, among others also the Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

Monte Bisbino

Scenic walks on Lake Como are endless. One not to miss is the one that leads to Mount Bisbino. Remember, we have already wrote about it on our blog! Here you can find all the information on how to achieve it.

Rifugio Menaggio

The Rifugio Menaggio is located in Plesio, more precisely in Mason del Fedee at 1,383 meters above sea level. It was built on a hill into a very scenic location close to the south of the Mount Grona. You can climb here all year round in a short time, and in addition to the exceptional view, from here you can go to many other excursions and paths. I can definitely say that this is one of best Lake Como’s sights.

Castello di Vezio Varenna

The other Lake Como’s branch offers equally beautiful views. Reach Varenna and then climb to the Vezio Castle, located on a promontory at the bottom of the Esino Valley. The castle overlooks Varenna and offers a Lake’s panoramic view really wonderful.

What do you think about it? I hope I’ve given you enough suggests for your search of the most panoramic Lake Como’s spots. Start from our Hotel Posta Moltrasio with a camera, I recommend you, when you come back show us your best shots! We are waiting, as always, with a smile.

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