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Festival della luce Como
18 Apr

Light Festival: Light is the protagonist in Como

It’s becoming a traditional event, also this year the traditional light festival (Festival della Luce) will take place.
The event is organized by the “Fondazione Alessandro Volta”, an association that, inspired by the great Como stack’s inventor and methane discoverer, aims to promote University, scientific research, high education and culture.

What is the Como Light Festival?

The Festival of Light is a tribute above all to the Alessandro Volta’s memory, done through the exaltation of light and color in all its forms together with natural sciences, philosophy, technology and art. The event, which includes a multi-day calendar, always offers meetings, insights with scientists, philosophers and art historians with a view to rediscover the Como territory. There are also references to fashion, design, architecture, photography, educational workshops, interactive exhibitions, music and scientific conferences. The Light Festival is truly an event to live at every age!

Where does the Light Festival take place?

Visit Como during the Light Festival means discover all the wonders of the Lake Como historical buildings. The exhibitions and the events are always hosted in suggestive locations such as the Teatro Sociale, Il Broletto, the “Gallio” College, the “Sala Bianca” of the Teatro Sociale, Palazzo Saibene, and in open air, in evocative places such as Villa Olmo Park or Piazza Grimoldi.

When does the Como Light Festival take place?

The dates are different every year: generally the Light Festival takes place in the last April’s week or in the first two weeks of May. 

Informations, reservations and updated program of the Como Light Festival

The Light Festival is certainly a special and precious event to live, a unique experience that will allow you to discover Como in a way you have never imagined. By clicking here you will find the official website constantly updated with all the info.

Take advantage of this event to spend a few days relaxing on our lake. When you arrive at Hotel ask for information at reception, all our staff will be happy to advise you about the best events for a unique experience.

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