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Villa Serbelloni Bellagio
4 Aug

The charm of Villa Serbelloni and its garden in Bellagio

Center lake, Bellagio. An atmosphere coming from the past, luxury and opulence, you can find it only by going to Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio. This beautiful Villa, which became a super luxury hotel for over a hundred years, is a real architectural jewel built in one of the most significant places of Lake Como, the Bellagio promontory that divides the Como branch from that of Lecco’s one. Walking through Bellagio you can notice its beauty: completely surrounded by the scenery of Como Lake, with a mix of colors, blue water, green nature, cobalt sky.

Villa Serbelloni is located in a special place: it seems that at that point Pliny the Younger had built a mansion called Tragoedia. It was later built another villa in 1400 by Marchesino Stanga, local feudal lord, who was the owner until 1788, when it was acquired by the Count Alessandro Serbelloni. Serbelloni was representative of a rich noble Lombardy’s family, and he felt in love with this place and he had make great improvements, such as the magnificent outdoor park. He decides also to create 18 kilometers of carriage trails and paths to improve the movements within these spaces. The villa remained of Serbelloni property until his death, then it changed several times until it became a luxury hotel in 1873.

Since the opening the structure began to host the nobles of the time, full of good taste and right savoir faire: this neoclassical villa was the perfect place, with its unique landscapes where you can drink, go for coffee or talking about politics. Here everyone could find what they were looking for, that mix of neo-classical luxury and landscapes.

Then Villa Serbelloni became property of theprincess Della Torre and Tasso, Ella Walker. This Princess decided to live at Villa Serbelloni for her whole life, giving it to the Rockefeller Foundation after her death, which has created a venue for conferences.

A part of the villa not to be missed is undoubtedly the magnificent Italian garden. Special features of the park is not only its beauty, but also the fact that it is located on the cape, sometimes a bit steep and precipitous, which divides the Como lake in 2 parts, the tip of the so-called Larian triangle. The gardens are open to the public only with guided tours that you must book in advance (look for the times here!) : the proliferation of small paths into the green is a very particular thing. Plants, come typical from the lake and some of exotic origin, give a unique and elegant touch to the terraces. During your visit you will see magnificent statues and artificial caves. Choose the path that leads from the Bellagio’s Tower to the top of the magnificent promontory, after a while of “climbing” you can admire one of the most wonderful views of our Como Lake. 

Explore Bellagio and Villa Serbelloni, from our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio is very simple thanks to the boat that docks right outside Hotel. Ask us all the information you need to better enjoy your day, we are waiting for you!

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