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Il meglio del lago di Como in Battello
6 Sep

The best on Lake Como using the boat, helpful tips

When you arrive on Lake Como, you’ll have an initial shock due to the wonder of its banks. The second feeling that fills you is curiosity: if in Moltrasio and Como, where you have just arrived, the lake is so beautiful, who knows how many views are ready to be seen and experienced?

After a nice breakfast overlooking the lake, tasty, nutritious and full, take the map and begins to dream: the places you can reach by boat are many, and it’s difficult to say which is the best one. Obviously you need more days to see them all, but I assure you that you really have to do it. Right outside Hotel Posta you find the dock, from which descend curious tourists and hurried residents: few steps and then you can begin your Lake Como discovery in “slow” version. By the way, ask you at the ticket office about the fast boat (hydrofoil) or the slow one: if you are not in a hurry, except to get in the upper lake, I suggest you the slow boat, with which you can see all the villages and go from one bank to another where a thousand different vistas await you.

Some of these places are must that you have to visit: first of all Bellagio, Varenna and Villa Monastero, Comacina Island, Villa Carlotta, Lenno and its Villa del Balbianello, discover them all on our blog.

Of all these we have spoken about in our articles for a simple reason: they are beautiful. We want at this point to give you some useful information to move with boat in an optimal way, to be able to see and appreciate the greatest possible number of villages, loving them.

1) First, check and decide before where to go and the travel times of the boats. Often places that seem close together actually are further away than it looks and you risk getting stuck on the other side of the lake or at the bottom if you do not find a boat to return. Do not put too many irons in the fire in one day, Lake Como is beautiful because it is slow: choose a small town, no more than two at the same time (only if they are very small). Rather, stay there a little more, took a walk, a bit of shopping, go to visit villas and castles, to have lunch in a local restaurant and enjoy this atmosphere of “Dolce Vita” unique and unrepeatable.

2) If you suffer with seasickness take with you Travelgum or Xamamina. It is a lake so obviously it is less choppy than the sea, but I can assure you that sometimes with the wind you can feel a few waves. And if you are very sensitive, you may feel unwell.

3) Clothes adequately: in summer always put a cap or something on your head, especially if you decide to enjoy the outside view. Remember that in the middle of the lake there is always a lot of air and could be much colder than in the shore: bring a jacket or sweatshirt even when it is warm, which is essential, however, if it is cold, as well as a scarf. Remember to bring some water too, especially if it is very hot.

4) Always ask at the dock the various combinations and the best prices for your itinerary: Lakes Navigation attendants will suggest how to move at best.

5) Are you with your car? For some destinations are also provided ferries carrying cars. Ask at the reception or directly at the dock all the information that you need.

What else to say except to wish you a good day to explore the best of Lake Como using a boat: sun, water and relaxation are waiting for you!

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