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pian di spagna e Lago di Mezzola
3 Sep

Discovering “Pian di Spagna” and “Lago di Mezzola”

The Lake Como’s territory is really all to be visited and today, together, we will drive to the Lake Como’s north to the discovery “Pian di Spagna” and “Lago di Mezzola”. The nature reserve extends over 1600 hectares, including the Como and Sondrio’s provinces, halfway between Valtellina and Valchiavenna, to embrace the pretty Lake Mezzola. The three major mountain ranges that rise along the territory (the Lepontine Alps in the northwest, the Northeastern Alps in the northeast and the Orobie Alps in the south) will be the cornerstone of this trip, giving you a truly spectacular view. The Natural Reserve “Pian di Spagna” and “Lago di Mezzola” is recognized as a site of Community importance and is included in the list of the European Ecological Network “Natura 2000”. Due to its special features it guarantees the survival of biodiversity in the European land.

Exploring the northern Lake Como? The right time to discover new landscapes

The Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna and Lago di Mezzola divide land and water, and is a very important hub for observation and direct discovery various animal and plant species as curious insects, fish, shellfishes, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, birds of prey and mammals to help to balance the ecosystem. Between reeds and rare flora and fauna, vegetation creates a particularly unique and spectacular picture.

West Lake Como between history and truth

The Pian di Spagna e del Lago di Mezzola’s territory contains important historical and artistic works in a true cultural heritage, in particular the romantic temple of San Fedelino on the ancient Strada Regia, in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape and the Fuentes’s Fort, a famous Spanish fort built to keep up to the French threat. Today, the ruins of the walls surrounding the internal “Piazza d’Armi”, the mill and the church dedicated to Santa Barbara are still visible.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit a true strange thing, the “Strada dei Cavalli” (horses road), excavated in the Sasso Corbè’s hard rocks in Verceia, on the eastern shore of the Lago di Mezzola, a path completely immersed in nature perfect to discover architectural artefacts, bizarre specimens and beauties belonging to the mountain flora. In the same village the characteristic Picapréda Museum is open to everyone who collects stories of the tools used for the extraction of the Sanfedelino’s granite. Do not miss the mine gallery that, made up of sixteen wells used to conserve explosives, is an important testimony to the First World War.

Suitable for bike lovers but also accessible on foot, the “Valtellina Trail” forms the only great cycle-pedestrian path that follows the Addda river course from Colico to Grosio between characteristic villages and river woods. Finally, if you are looking for inner calm, you can undertake the meditative paths of the “Guanelliano’s Path” dedicated to the Don Luigi Guanella’s work, the Holy venerated in Como who carried out his educational and spiritual work in the lower Valtellina and in Valsassina.

How to reach “Pian di Spagna” and “Lago di Mezzola” from our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio?

Starting from our welcoming Hotel Posta, take the state road 340 in direction north, you will arrive at your destination in about 1h15. From Moltrasio the Mezzola lake is about 58 km. I suggest you to arrive at the Hotel, ask for information at reception desk about many hiking trails in our area. It will be a pleasure to give you all the information to help you to organize your relaxations days on Lake Como!

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