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i 10 tramonti più belli sul Lago di Como
29 May

The 10 most beautiful sunsets on Lake Como

It is not easy to write a ranking with the 10 most beautiful sunsets on Lake Como because every corner of the lake hides different scenarios, always different but all lovely. This will be a little guide to point you where, for geographical reasons, the sunset is more beautiful than elsewhere, but I can assure you that the colors you’ll find on Lake Como are unique from anywhere you choose to view them. The places that you should choose if you would like to see a beautiful sunset are Brunate Blevio Torno, Bellagio, Mandello del Lario, Varenna, Lezzeno, Dervio, Piona, and finally Moltrasio.


It is the most panoramic point of Como. You can easily reach it thanks to a funicular that allow you to reach 700 meters of altitude, from where you can admire the sunset colors that blend with the lights in the heart of the city.

Torno and Blevio

Torno is the village right in front of Moltrasio, connected by boat service. It’s very close and perfect to watch the sunset on our beautiful village. Blevio instead it is located just norther and provides a beautiful sunset on the southern branch of the Lake Como.


Continuing our trip direction north, you will find this little town that climbs the pre-alpine mountains of this branch of Lake Como. Here we suggest a small stop to admire a beautiful sunset from a different perspective.


Bellagio is a unique and wonderful place where to see sunsets, because it is on the center point between the two branches of the Lake Como. But remember, at the end of a day dedicated to the visit of this village known as the Pearl of the Lario not get away too soon and enjoy the colors of the sunset.

Moltrasio's Sunset

Moltrasio’s Sunset

Mandello del Lario

On the other branch of Lake Como, Lecco’s one, there is a very nice village perched in the light-colored pre-Alps, Mandello del Lario. Here, if you go away from the Lake’s shores, you’ll find some interesting “Agriturismo” restaurants perched above the village, where you can have lunch with traditional cuisine. Then, wait a little and see a beautiful sunset over the lake.


Always on the same branch, Varenna is truly a little gem. After visiting Villa Monastero wait for the sunset and enjoy the view!


Going north, the scenery changes, Alps are near and in winter easily looking to north you can see some snow. Dervio is on a point that allows a view of the lake really unique not to be missed.


From Piona and its “pond” you will see the sunset over the lake from a very different perspective than in the southern part of the lake, but still very nice.


Yes, I know that Moltrasio is not on the correct side of the lake to watch the sunset, but is the proof that even the villages on the western shore can have incredible colors at sunset. I suggest you a few points for a perfect picture. Starting from the Hotel Posta, walk right next to the cafe Bellini and come to the church, then turn right and walk along the road, where you will find several scenic spots. Otherwise, if you do not love the effort, just out from the hotel on the right there is another viewpoint where to take a picture of the sunset.

Every place on our magical Lake Como is perfect to see beautiful sunset. Admire the colors that are always different minute by minute, then you can choose to relax in our hotel or dine at our Restaurant La Veranda. We are now closed, but you can find us if you want to begin to organize your holidays. We are waiting, as always, with a smile!


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