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Estate, lidi e taxi boat sul lago di como
31 Jul

A relaxing day on Lake Como, beaches and taxi boats

“I’m Giulia, and on my head is a white straw hat that gives a flair of “Dolce Vita”. My hair, wavy and long, are living a life of their own, floating around wherever the wind decides to move it. The boat that is taking me to Moltrasio is almost here, I can see it approaching and becoming bigger and bigger. My vacation on the Como Lake is beginning. I have just enough time to take another photo or two on the side of the bridge, and then we’re off: ten minutes of sweet waves is the only thing keeping me from the relaxation I’m so desperately longing for. My suitcase is full of desire, hope and the necessity to un-plug.

I arrive and I realize that it’s the most magnificent place I’ve ever seen, and right on the lake, just in front of the bridge: and as enter I’m being welcomed with a smile, a welcome to remember. After handing over my ID I hurry to my room to change clothes; I can’t wait to get out in the sun, to scent the perfume of my sunscreen melting under the warm rays of the sun. Bathing suit, sandals, sunscreen, beach towel and some music, fresh water and a good book; I think I have it all, and so I head out in search for the nearest beach.

Patrizia points our several beaches; one better than the other: the best are Cernobbio, Lenno, Cadenabbia, Bellagio. It’s difficult to choose: but since I’m tired after the trip I decide to stay in Moltrasio and enjoy the sun. There’s no hurry, my week long stay is still ahead of me, and I can switch beaches every day if I’d like.

In a few minutes I arrive at the beach; it’s a simple and relaxed place, just how I like it. I put my beach towel down and finally get to take my t-shirt and skirt off…how many times during the long, cold winter have I not longed for this moment? It doesn’t matter that I’m pale as skimmed milk, soon enough my skin will be golden brown. Sunscreen! I had almost forgotten; I better put it on immediately before turning lobster red! Maybe it’s better to stay under the umbrella!

Water, and the mountains reflecting in the water like a Monet painting…and relaxation. What more could I possibly ask for? I read a book, I have chosen an easy and fun read, after all I’m on vacation and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. It seems like just minutes but I realize that it’s already evening. A drink by the lake would be nice, maybe a glass of Lario wine, made in the region, with a small snack before dinner in the hotel?

A refreshing shower, fresh but not cold, warm but not hot, is perfect after a day in the sun. Some coco body lotion, a comb through my hair and I head downstairs to the restaurant “La Veranda”. While I wait for my Misultin fish I’m looking out on the lake, and a thought passes through my head; What do I have in program for tomorrow? I had seen many beautiful boats by the lake: small, large, sailing boats and more. I’m starting to think that I’d like to go on a boat trip as I love admiring the lake from its very center, noticing the views, discovering every angle. But I don’t want to go on a motor boat, no no, I’m looking for something more free, personal, in order to travel in the pace that I like. I could rent a taxi boat and go to the Bellagio beach. As soon as I’m done eating my dinner I ask Armando for information, and in just minutes tomorrow’s adventure is set! By the way, the Misultin fish, a traditional dish in this area were really good! I had never tried them before, but I think I’m going to order them again tomorrow!”


Today you have read Giulia’s story, a girl who visited our Hotel Posta Moltrasio for the first time last year. Giulia has told you about a day during her vacation in June, with the right mix of pure relaxation, drinks in the shade, and taxi boat trips on the lake. We hope that you liked her story and that it has been helpful in organizing your vacation on the Como Lake. We’re waiting for you!


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