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24 Oct

StreetScape3. Street Art & Urban Art in the city of Como – Lake Como


Como and Art …

The city of Como can accommodate up to 9 November, the third edition of the public do Street Art in the streets and in the courtyards of the city.
It is STREETSCAPE3 for comON – Week of Creativity Como. Artists and Street Artists invade the city of Como with sculptures and  urban installations in dialogue with the public spaces of the city.

Streetscape3 ComON:
“Streetscape” shall be construed as a proper reconfiguration of the urban landscape to revitalize the historic and artistic heritage, architectural and museum in the city with the installation’s site-specific works that arise in dialogue with the public spaces of the city of Como and are specially designed to be installed in outdoor locations. An exhibition, designed for the Week of Creativity, with installations of Urban art, statues and sculptures, paintings on scaffolding, performance, works with different materials, from the more traditional ones such as marble and iron, to industrial or considered waste such as barrels of oil, ragnatori or tacks, showing how art can be “sustainable”, sensitive and respectful towards the environment and of our urban landscape.
Every year we selected nine Italians artists  who exhibit their works in Como. The temporary exhibition is curated by Chiara Canali and Ivan Quaroni.

List of artists / location:
OPIEMME >>> Piazza Volta
ANDREA MAZZOLA >>> Piazza Grimoldi
MAXIMUM GIACON >>> Portico del Broletto, Piazza Duomo
CARLO PASINI >>> Serre di Piazza Martinelli
COLLECTIVE FX >>> Spazio  Natta, via Natta 18
FRANCESCA PASQUALI >>> Courtyard of the Museum Paolo Giovio
IVAN THE POET OF THE ROAD >>> Aldo Galli Academy and Cortile della Biblioteca Comunale
LUCA RAIMONDI >>> Porta Torre
MANUEL FELISI >>> Inner courtyard of the Civic Art Gallery

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Photo credit  Sara Biondi


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