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Artesanal Silk Loom
18 Jun

Silk Museum of Como: Fashion and lifestyle of the Lake Como

One of the first things that you will discover by visiting Como is its famous tradition for the manufacturing of silk, that you can discover visiting the Silk Museum.

The story of silk in Como begins far away, to be precise in China. After the year 1000, the silkworm was introduced in Italy, especially in Sicily, while in the Lake Como Area came only around the 1400, spread by Ludovico Sforza, who force the farmers to plan mulberry trees. This plant, discovered by Marco Polo in 1271 during his trip to China, had two advantages: it produces edible fruits (blackberries) and its leaves are the food of silkworms, which, at the end of their life cycle, are enclosed in the precious cocoon that will allow them to become butterflies. Each cocoon contains about 1500 meters of silk.

In the past, farmers bred silkworms in spring to earn some extra money, until 1900, when the silk district of Como became the world capital of silk. This district was born in the mid-700, when, around Como, processing of the so-called “golden thread” became increasingly popular among local craftsmen. Then it started also the spread of products to Austria and Germany.

In 1870, thanks to the war between France and Prussia, diminished the competition and Como Silk had a major expansion. At the same time the power looms spread, and Como began to be the heart of the Italian Silk. In the early nineteenth century, it was also founded here the School of Silk. Modernization, in mid-1900, also affected this industry, and the facilities available in our area were really the best, especially related to the dye of the precious fabric. Big changes invested this sector from 1960, first due to restructuring at the industrial level, then, in the 80s, because of the moving of establishments from the historical homes.

Sciarpa di Seta Como

Silk Scarf

Thanks to the importance of this tissue, in Como was born in 1990 the Silk Museum, thanks to some local associations that recovered historical artifacts from the closed textile factories. The museum is about 1,000 square meters. and here you can discover all the production process, step by step, to allow anyone to stay informed about this delicate fabric. Find out how to visit the museum by clicking here.

Como is still considered the world capital of silk, despite the decline of the entire Italian textile industry and even if now the thread is imported from China and Japan. Here the silk becomes valuable, and it is transformed in authentic high fashion garments, such as ties, dresses and scarves. Walking around the city, among the many shops and boutiques, you’ll find the right accessory for you, or you can buy quality souvenirs for your loved ones during your holiday on Lake Como.

Ask at our reception of Hotel Posta in Moltrasio how to easy access by bus or boat from Moltrasio to the center of city that gives the name to our wonderful lake: I, Armando and all the staff are waiting for you, as always, with a smile!
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