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Villa Carlotta botanical garden
3 Apr

The secret of Villa Carlotta’s botanical garden by Como Lake

Lario’s surroundings are incredibly green. We are immersed in a naturally lush vegetation, but thanks to the mild climate you can admire various species of plants, some of which are usually found in south Italy or even in tropical regions.

This climate is not the result of the lake waters’ influence alone, but also the breezes that softly blow in the morning from north to south (called the Tivano) and in the afternoon (Breva) have a great role in maintaining a clear sky and a stable temperature. This allowed the owners of the famous villas overlooking Como Lake from north to south and of the splendid hotels like ours to establish since the 1700s the great botanical gardens that are nowadays the crown jewel of Lario’s territory.

The blooming of Villa Carlotta: a living spectacle

Of all the villas (you can find a list of the most important ones in this post), today I want to talk about Villa Carlotta in Tramezzo and its famous botanical park (eight hectares open to visitors). Walking within Villa Carlotta’s garden is an unique experience: threading your way through narrow paths filled with tropical perfumes, plants and flowers so different you won’t believe it possible for so many different styles to grow so lushly….but this is what makes Lario so magical! The English garden is full of majestic trees, big Rhododendrons (including the Rhododendron Arboreum that grows only on the Himalayan mountains!), rare and unique species of azalea. There are also over 3000 square meters entirely dedicated to 25 different species of bamboo, and it’s incredible to observe how the care of men and Como Lake’s climate allowed the growth of plantains, lindens and exotic plants such as the famous Australian ferns.
Villa Carlotta Le terrazze - lago di Como

Villa Carlotta’s stairway: a walkway to heaven

At the bottom of the characteristic stairway you will find the second part of the botanical garden: the five terraces that compose the Italian garden, enriched by niches, fountains and flower beds. It is here that Villa Carlotta is at its best, between camellias, papyrus plants, rose gardens and the famous citrus trees that stretch overhead to form tunnels mentioned by Gustave Flaubert. From atop the stairway the view is breathtaking and it expands first till the balustrade that supports twelve statues representing mythological divinities, then till the shores of Como Lake,

A romantic holiday? Don’t forget to visit Villa Carlotta’s old garden!

The old garden is somewhat less scenic, but definitely more romantic: walk in a central boulevard surrounded by big plantains…yes, those mentioned more than once by Stendhal. It is in this part of the garden that you will find the dwarfs’ fountain: baroque design that makes for a surprising effect. Your visit to Villa Carlotta may then continue inside the building, or we advise you to take the ferry and cross the lake to Bellagio. Armando, the staff of Hotel Posta and I remain at your disposal to advise you the best itineraries within our territory. We are sure your holidays at Como Lake will be special. We are waiting for you…with a smile

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Cover - By Daderot (I took this photograph.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Erich Schmid (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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