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wedding reception
4 May

Matteo’s tale: a romantic dinner and a wedding reception at Como Lake

The Hotel Posta in Moltrasio is a lovely establishment, directly overlooking Como Lake, perfect for your wedding reception. We are lucky enough to enjoy this splendid view and I am sure there isn’t a picture that can represent what I feel when I see our customers noticing the scenery we are immersed in for the first time.

In our restaurant La Veranda, surrounded by glass doors on every side, the atmosphere is a special one. There are many friends (we treat our guests like friends, not customers) that once they have discovered us come back time after time, and often they share some of the most important moments in their lives with us: exclusive fest, wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, romantic dinners. Actually, if I think of it, at sunset, accomplice the lake, the candles and the cozy, retro atmosphere, I have witnessed scenes worth of a movie: marriage proposals, surprises, bouquets…and we are more than happy to be the accomplices of these special moments, because helping our guests to live these intense moments in the best possible way is what makes us proud of our job.

A romantic dinner at Restaurant La Veranda that ended in a marriage proposal (tears and applause!)

I remember Matteo, a ‘customary’ friend of our La Veranda restaurant: he introduced Valentina to us, his girlfriend, pampered at every visit. He chose our restaurant to ask her in marriage ‘because it can’t get any more romantic than proposing by the lake of Como’! That evening we were more nervous than he was. Together with him, we chose a special menu composed entirely by their favorite dishes. It was the perfect evening: the lake was still, the stars bright…it almost looked like he had booked a ‘romantic dinner all inclusive by the lake’ package! After bringing her a rose leading her to believe that was the ‘usual’ surprise, she went to the toilette. Suddenly we involved the entire restaurant: when she came back to the dining room, Matteo was gone, the candles were all lit and the lights were off. In the background their favorite song was playing and she looked around, not understanding what was about to happen. In the meanwhile Matteo had changed into a smoking and then entered the dining room holding a big bouquet and a tiny box (containing a Cartier!). The music softly faded, he went to one knee in front of her and popped the question: ‘Valentina, will you marry me?’. I dare anyone not to cry in front of such a scene! The entire staff of the Hotel Posta Moltrasio, Patty and I broke into an applause, joining in with the other diners. A passionate kiss followed, but the best part came after the dinner, when the happy couple asked us if it was possible to host their wedding reception at our restaurant.

A wedding reception at La Veranda Restaurant: a day you won’t forget

Valentina and Matteo’s romantic story continued a few months later with a great feast comprising Lario’s authentic specialties. There was no lack of music and happy smiles. Today Valentina and Matteo are expecting their first child, and they celebrated the news here at our restaurant…and we are sure that our friendship will strengthen throughout many more birthdays and anniversaries celebrations. Every guest is special to us and I am the first to do everything that is in my power to make their special days unforgettable. Take a look at our menu HERE, you will find our suggestion menus for dinners and special feasts, but don’t forget that everything can be customized according to your personal taste. Lake Como is a magic you must experience firsthand and when there is love involved….well, I can’t wait to excite you and ourselves as well in the process! Happy feast to all of you!

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