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Risotto with perch Hotel Posta Moltrasio
27 Jul

Risotto with perch: the triumph of the Lake Como kitchen

Our post about a local Lake Como dish, the Misultin, has been very successful and for that reason we received a lot of requests to better explain another must of our culinary offer: “perch risotto”.

Perch, commonly called ‘perch’ or ‘Persic’ in our dialect, it is a freshwater fish native to central and northern Europe. In northern Italy you can find it in great lakes, such as Garda, Maggiore, Iseo, Idro and of course into our beautiful Lake Como. Its white flesh is truly exquisite, delicate and tender. It is really a delicacy, and for this reason it has become a highly requested fish.

With ‘perch risotto’ the culinary tradition of Como is served

Like any fish, perch can be cooked in various ways, but in our area the tradition imposes the legendary ‘perch risotto’, which is obviously prepared and served in our restaurant ‘La Veranda”’ in Moltrasio. Perch risotto is a dish so refined that is often chosen in menus for banquets, events and anniversaries organized in our restaurant, but for given its simplicity it can be an excellent solution for an informal dinner: choosing this dish, your guests will experience 100% of Como scents and flavors.

Tips and Tricks

We tried asking our chef, but he did not reveal the secret that makes his risotto so special... He only said what you must have for a good risotto: DOC Lake Como’s perch caught on site (as we serve it). There is no other secret: if the products are fresh and carefully selected, the dish will be a success. There are many recipes online telling you how to cook the perch risotto, and often they do not follow, however, the true Lake Como’s tradition. Instead, I’d like to point out Simone Moretti’s blog, born and raised in Como, who has experimented with this dish using only products ‘Made in Como’.

Patrizia, our Chef, all the staff at the Posta Hotel Moltrasio and the Veranda Restaurant and I, as always, are waiting for you…with a smile! (…And a plate of risotto with Perch!)

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