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Beautiful Hotel Como Lake
15 Feb

The reality show Made in U.S.A. chooses Lake Como

The tourists more in love with our Lake Como are Americans, overseas friends who adore our places, our kitchen, our ‘Italian’ welcome, but always with the great elegance and the typical Como people’s discretion.

Not only VIP and filmmakers choose us, but also ‘ordinary people’ who appreciates the tranquility that only Lake Como and its characteristic landscapes can give. It is certainly for this reason that ‘House Hunters International ©, a Leopard company production (they are based in New York), in the ‘special Italian’ version, has recently chosen for the second time our Lake Como to set his reality show.

The format of the reality show is very simple and similar to the format that we now know very well in Italy: a couple is looking for a holiday home in a fantastic location. The transmission helps them to find what they want by making them visit different solutions. At the end the couple could choose which location they are going to buy.

House Hunters International in Italy

Basically we are talking about a kind of super luxury real estate agency because the standard chosen by the reality is always very high. In the last episode, they chosen the area between Griante and Menaggio just beyond the Tremezzina in the middle of Lake Como, a dream place that we can give sunrises and sunsets really beautiful and a very relaxing view.

Our lake is gorgeous also for people living overseas

We are happy when we read news like this because we know that this is a ​good opportunity to let better know our area. We like to intrigue people who still have not visited our beautiful lake, so they could choose us in the future. Today, while I was writing this post, I thought this: do you know well our territory? Who made you discover us for the first time? And what do you remember about it? Share with us your story, send it via e-mail and we will be happy to publish it in the new column dedicated to our guests.


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