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Polenta uncia recipe
18 Feb

Polenta uncia – history and original Larian recipe 

Polenta is a typical dish from all norther Italy and not only of the Lake Como area. A typical poor food of rural culture that accompanied the daily life of the winter days of those who often could not eat anything else. Polenta in fact is based on simple elements: corn flour, water and salt. You have to know that the excessive and exclusive consumption of Polenta in the ‘800 was cause of a a disease typical of the northern areas that today we could enclose between Lombardy and Veneto: the “pellagra”. Thanks to the population’s enrichment, Polenta was increasingly accompanied by meats, roasts, stews and cheeses becoming so famous in Italy and in all the rest of the world.
The traditional recipe of the Polenta ‘uncia
Polenta ‘uncia’ (or ‘concia’ for some areas) is the typical and dialect name which stands for ‘greasy or fat polenta’. To prepare it according to the culinary Larian tradition you need a copper pot: every other vessel does not return the same taste when we cook corn, so our advice is to don’t use modern or non-stick cookware. In Italy you can find also pot called ‘polentiere’, copper pots with a small electric spoon that stirrs “polenta” in your place.
Ingredients you need for the Polenta uncia
  • 200 g of yellow maize flour “bramata”
  • 150 g of buckwheat flour
  • 1,5 l of water
  • 300 grams of fat cheese
  • 200 g butter
  • Some clove of garlic
 Put into the pot about 1,5 liters of water and salt, then boil it. At this point let flour fall like rain into the water, stirring vigorously with a whisk to avoid creating lumps. Once you have put all the flour, you must keep stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon. After cooking prepared in pan some butter and brown it with a few cloves of garlic without blacken it. Meanwhile, prepare the cheese in slices. Get a bowl and then create the “polenta uncia”, which is made up of different layers, alternately polenta, warm butter and cheese, which, with the heat, slowly melt.
The polenta uncia is definitely a very fat and rich dish, in short, it’s a symbol of at poor time. Today Polenta is one of the typical and traditional local dishes: a specialty course you can also enjoy in our Restaurant La Veranda in Moltrasio.
I, the chefs and all the staff are at your disposal to give you a real journey with the taste of the Larian tradition.
 We are waiting for you!


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