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Abbazia Piona
11 Oct

Discovering Piona Abbey on Lake Como

The Piona abbey is a typical structure of the Como’s art, made of square stones, than nowadays is precious place thanks to the spirituality that still offers through the Cistercian monks.

The Piona abbey on Lake Como: a place of peace and spirituality

At the foot of the “Legnone” and “Legnoncino” mountains, in the upper lake Como, it stands the Piona’s Benedictine monastery, located precisely on the Olgiasca’s peninsula, facing Gravedona, on the extreme tip of the Lecco’s branch, then on the opposite side of the shore where is located our Hotel Posta (Moltrasio).

Short history of a recently restored abbey thanks to the Cistercian monks

The structure was consecrated in 1138 to the Virgin and the first mention dates back to 1169 with the title dedicated to San Nicolò. A first source, on the other hand, says that in the seventh century there was a monastic community, probably hermitic. Towards the end of the eleventh century the Piona abbey it is mentioned because it was included in the Cluniac reform involving the transfer of monks from the Cluny’s mother house to the abbeys that were in a crisis, to revitalize them. Them, from the twelfth century, the documentation that came to us demonstrated the economic abundance of the abbey (a document of the Como’s bishop of 1256, designated it as one of the twelve richest monasteries). During the fourteenth century began a crisis given by the monks’ lack. In 1798, by order of the Directorate of the Cisalpina’s Republic, the goods of the Piona abbey were auctioned and only in 1879 the restoration began. The monastery returned to life in 1938, when the Cistercian monks of Casamari (Frosinone) decided to take possession of the Benedictine abbey until today.

How to visit the Piona Abbey (and do not forget to buy monastic products!)

The monastery can be reached by car (you will find a large free car park): either from Lecco along the state road in the direction of Colico or from our Hotel reaching Colico along the Via Regina and then descending, in the direction of Lecco.
Our advice is to reach this jewel directly and comfortably by boat: just cross the road and right in front of our structure you will find the boat that will allow you to experience a truly unique day.

Inside the Abbey, as in the best monastic traditions and according to the St. Benedict rule ‘Ora et labora’, you can buy monastic products: liqueurs, ointments, creams and preparations of natural origin particularly rich in therapeutic properties.

When you arrive at the Hotel, ask for information at reception: we will help you organize this special and unique trip that will make you enjoy discovering another side of Lake Como, really all to discover. We look forward to welcome you to the Hotel Posta Moltrasio!

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