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Organizzare un matrimonio perfetto sul lago di Como | Wedding on Lake Como
18 Jan

Organize the perfect wedding on Lake Como

To arrange a perfect wedding you need to devote time and a lot of passion to define every aspect. You know that Lake Como is chosen by many people and VIPs as special place to plight their troth. Even our restaurant La Veranda, with its romantic Lake Como’s view, is often chosen to host banquets for events and ceremonies.

We’re really happy when we can offer our guests our experience, to participate to the joy of two people who show their love. To organize a wedding on Lake Como becomes a wonderful adventure that ends with an happy ending as that of Matthew that I had already told in this post.

How to organize the perfect wedding on Lake Como?

It is crucial to make a list that allows you to be clear about which steps have been made and which have to be made. I have summarized them in 10 points.

Time: organizing a wedding takes time, move in advance, at least a year before, being able to do everything with calm and carefully, without losing detail and especially to handle any unexpected event (you have to be prepared, because there are a lot!)

Define the Church and the location for the marriage: if you get married in a Church, in Italy you need to attend a marriage preparation (which increases the time of the marriage’s preparation). Both you are getting married in a church or if you choose a civil ceremony you will have to book a date on which to celebrate your wedding.

Choose where to have a banquet and the menu: this research is the longer one. What kind of ideas do you have? Which kind of day do you want: Classic? Elegant? Spartan? Once you understand what you want, you can look for the right location. Regarding our structure normally we suggest some menus to give an idea of ​​what you can choose, but it’s all fully customizable.

Choose wedding clothes and ring: bride, groom, bridesmaids and family…being careful to try to define a line, choose rapidly what you need.

Choose wedding favors: if you want to give a present to your guests, the choice of wedding favors will be done at least three months before the wedding to make sure that they would be ready.

Choose the destination for your honeymoon: one of the most funny point, is it right? The majority of the couples insert the trip in a wedding list. It is not a bad idea!

What do you prefer? Gifts or gift list? Choose before inviting guests, so you can give your instructions. The trend is to set a wedding list so you can be sure that people would gift what you like.

Choose announcements and deliver them: you have to do it absolutely by hand (if possible).

Define flowers and decorations: if you’re following a chromatic theme flower are really important. Many florists specialist will advise you and offer all-inclusive services from the ceremony to the banquet (including bouquets and table centerpieces).

Select the entertainment for guests: Music? Dances? Animation? Think hard about the space you have and only after choose the artist who will help you entertain your guests.

There are many activities to prepare, and for this reason many couples are calling a wedding planners, but we believe that it is so nice to organize by yourself your day, don’t you think? Following this list is certainly that you can not go wrong! Choosing a romantic location on Lake Como for your wedding will be like putting a cherry on top of your cake, and our Hotel with the Restaurant by the warm welcome will be as always the right choice. Guests that are coming from distant places will find very convenient to sleep and stay in the same place without being moved.

I, the Chef and all the staff are at your disposal for any questions, concerns or request. Call and come and visit us, we will define together your perfect wedding on our beautiful Lake Como!

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