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Parco della Grigna
7 Jun

Day trip on the “Parco della Grigna”: a trekking for everyone

The “Parco della Grigna” (Grigna Park) develops on an area of ​​more than 5,000 hectares surrounded by the spectacular and imposing Alpine chain called Grigne. The Grigne’s rocky massif is made up of three spectacular tops of rock mainly calcareous:

Grigna, also called Grignone or Grigna settentrionale (Northern Grigna)
Grignetta, also called Grigna meridionale (Southern Grigna)

The Grigne Group is in Lecco’s province, into the eastern part of our Lake Como. Valsassina at east (a valley) separates the mountain group from the Orobie Alps and from Resegone (another mountain frequented by hiking enthusiasts). On the southern side we find Lecco and on the west Lecco’s branch of Lake Como.
At the rocky massif’s foot you can find the “Parco di Grigna”: its surface includes Cortenova, Esino Lario, Parlasco, Pasturo, Perledo, Primaluna, Taceno and Varenna.

“Parco della Grigna” (Grigna Park): discovering treasures and hidden churches

The Grigna Park is rich of precious artistic treasures and represents the perfect blend of nature and population with extensive pastures, mountain huts, hiking trails, and more or less difficult climbing or trekking routes. Among the numerous historical things that you will find, there are certainly the Luigi Reali’s paintings. He was living for a period of his life in Valsassina. These painting are kept into the Shrine of the Madonna della Cintura in Pastura. Very interesting, always in the same municipality, the Sant’Eusebio’s parish, with the medieval building of San Pietro in Ortanella and the Sant’Antonio Abate’s Church in Parlasco.

In Cortenova, a small town with narrow streets, it stands the Saints Fermo and Rustico’s oratory. From here, you can reach the sensational Vezio’s castle, the Introbio’s tower and the Baiedo’s fortress. Primaluna has numerous churches of a strong and massive architectural character, while the Taceno’s parish church is part of the Alps Baroque testimonies.
In Varenna you can enjoy a refreshing bath on the lake and you can visit its four fascinating churches: San Giovanni, San Giorgio, Santa Maria delle Grazie and Santa Marta. Certainly you will be fascinated by its famous Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi, but you will not be able to leave this town without walk to the famous Fiumelatte‘s village, known for its very short river.

How to reach the Parco della Grigna from our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio?

You can choose the car: take the Lake Como’s state road n.36.
By boat: it’s a solution that we recommend (in front of our Hotel you can find the boat) for comfort and to enjoy the wonders of our lake in a unique way.
When you arrive at the Hotel please ask for further information at the reception.
We are waiting for you to help you to organize your excursion to the Grigna Park.

Information about the “Parco della Grigna” (Grigna Park) at this link.


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