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11 Dec

Natale a Como & CittĂ  dei Balocchi: let the holidays begin!

With the December arrival also begins the most magical time of the year for the city of Como and the entire Larian territory. This year, however, there are big news the initiatives are two: Natale a Como & CittĂ  dei Balocchi. What is it all about, and what are the tips for experiencing the Christmas atmosphere on Lake Como at its best? Let's find out together.
28 Oct

The Moltrasio Art’s way close to us!

The Moltrasio “Via dell’Arte” (Art’s street) close to us! The Hotel Posta is located in Moltrasio, 5 minutes from Como’s town. Moltrasio is a little village, overlooking the Como lake and we often recommend to our guests, when they have a little free time, to devote at least a walk to discover the town in which we live with our structure.
14 Oct

We collect chestnuts walking in the woods of Lake Como

The collection of chestnuts on Lake Como: panorama and taste come together for a single walk. After a long, hot and muggy summer we all waited for the fresh and mild autumn, with its scents, flavors and unique colors. Around Lake Como one of the main activities of this season it is the chestnut harvest.
12 Oct

Discovering the places from The Betrothed on Lake Como

That of The Betrothed is perhaps one of the best-known incipits in Italian literature. The famous novel that narrates the adventures (and misadventures) of the two lovers Renzo and Lucia opens with a wonderful and super-detailed photograph of our Lake Como, and more precisely of the eastern shore that of Lecco. But what are the most characteristic places from The Betrothed that we can visit? Let's set out right away to discover them!