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Ferrovia della Valmorea Lanza Valley Park
3 Sep

On long tracks : one-day trip to the Lanza Valley Park

Would you like to have a walk? Today I suggest a day trip to the Valley of Lanza, on the trail of the former Railway Valmorea.

The Park Valley of Lanza and its old railway

The park stretches between the provinces of Como and Varese, bordered on the north by the Swiss border, with the flat part of its valley and the hilly headlands covered with fragrant woods, as well as ancient sandstone quarries. It is crossed by Lanza and Olona rivers, which determine the type of landscape: across its territory you can see mills and dams, as well as swampy areas where valuable ecosystems are preserved. The common thread that still holds together the valley is an old railroad, whose tracks accompany you and drive you along the main path.

Looking at the tracks, imagine the history and the lives of women and men, Italians and Swiss, that in the first half of the twentieth century had a thousand times the routes of the railway, beetween Castellanza and Mendrisio, or from Castelseprio to Valmorea, when the train had marked a huge change in the way we live, work and communicate. For some years now, thanks to the ‘Association Friends of the Valmorea Railway”, responsable of the rail, you can also go up a little steam train that, on certain dates, travels tourist from Malnate to Cantello, and it participate to other cultural and natural events.

How to get to Valmorea from Moltrasio

Valmorea is located a few steps from the Swiss border, one of the last municipalities in the Como’s province before the Varese area. From the Hotel Posta Moltrasio, take the Strada Regina to Como, I suggest you to go to the right to cross the Italian border and get in Chiasso (Switzerland). From there follow the signs to the Italian pass of Bizzarone, then go straight on the road (not for long) to the second round where it will appear the indication of Valmorea. Then turn right, you will take a short stretch that will lead to a final round, from here you go down straight toward the town of Rodero. After a couple of downhill you will be in the valley, and to your left you will see the open space where to park the car and leave for your day trip to the Lanza‘s Valley Park.

A route along the railway and the river Lanza

For the one-day trip to the Valle Lanza‘s Park I propose a simple ride, very suitable to all, preferably with a pair of good hiking boots so as not to get wet along the banks of the river. From the parking lot of the railway you have to cross the road from which you are arrived, and, holding the bar “Gufo” to your left, take the path that leads to the Swiss Pass. Following the tracks you will find after a while an iron bridge just above the river Lanza. After about two kilometers you come to the Swiss border and the huge gate of the Fascist period that delimits it. Alongside this you will notice a small pedestrian gate beyond which the path continues in Swiss territory.

A further signal about the Swiss-Italian border, here in front of you let’s see from the ground a stone, wanted from the ancient Milan’s state, with the direction for Santa Margherita. A few steps later, on the right you can see the beautiful church of Santa Margherita, where you can stop a little before you go to the starting point. I propose a little variation from the first way: after the gate at the border take the climb that brings to Bizzarone, leaving the town on the left and staying in a place called Filanda, then you’ll arrive at the roundabout before the descent into the valley (towards Rodero) you had already met during your arrival by car.The Brianza country side with Carimate, the charming Lake Pusiano, the Lanza Valley: these and other are goals that you can reach easily from the Hotel Posta Moltrasio, to discover even on a day new landscapes and their wonders. Armando and I are ready to give you the right advice you need. We are waiting for you!

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