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15 May

Excursion to the Teresio Olivelli Park in Tremezzo

The park Teresio Olivelli in Tremezzina, about 20 minutes from our Hotel, is a botanical park that you have to visit. The garden, as it appears now, is the work of the architect called Pietro Lingeri, belonging to the Como’s rationalist current. The architect was commissioned by the owner, the Meier family, in 1925. He was inspired by a modern reinterpretation of the Roman Baroque, designed the overpass on Regina street, the double staircase that looks particularly impressive, the fountain with its sculptures, and also the “belvedere”, with the kiosk and the access to the lake.

The revival of the Teresio Olivelli Park: now it’s a place of art and culture

In 1979 the park became a communal property, but only in 2007 the municipality decided to undertake an important historical-natural retrieval to restore the original Lingerie project. Today, the Teresio Olivelli park is not only a relaxing place where to take a walk, but it is the heart of all the cultural and artistic activities, as well as a place of entertainment thanks to the presence of a bar and beach that is beyond the mouth of the Mainona river. Respecting the original architecture, the spaces have been enhanced and expanded as the main entrance on the Regina street, and the entire park has been equipped with a very impressive night lighting.

What to visit together with the Teresio Olivelli Park?

Once you’ve finished your visit to the Park, you can not miss a visit to discover Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, or visit the beautiful Villa Carlotta. The entrance to the Teresio Olivelli park is free and is open all year round. When you arrive at the Hotel, ask for information at the reception about the programs or numerous special events that during the summer are organized there. We are waiting for you!


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