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Panorama dal Monte Generoso
3 Sep

Hiking on Mount Generoso from Hotel Posta in Moltrasio

The charm of the pre-Alps around Lake Como is really compelling, especially for the views they offer of the Alps and of the Lake itself. Hiking on Mount Generoso could be slightly difficult but very beautiful.

The Mount Generoso

The Mount Generoso, also known as Mount Calvagione, is part of the Lombardy Alps, located at the border between Switzerland and Italy. It is between the Italian town of San Fedele Intelvi and Rovio, a Swiss one. In particular, the southern and western sides are Swiss, while the northeastern is Italian. Baraghetto Summit is also part of Mount Generoso (1,694 m), located slightly norther of the other. The view from up here is certainly fantastic, and it is the just reward for the hard work that you do to arrive. From here you will see, with good weather, all the Po Valley to the Apennines, the Lake of Como, Lugano, Lake Maggiore and to the Alps.

How do can I get to the trail?

From the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, take the highway “Regina” and drive direction north to Argegno. Here you have to turn left towards the Intelvi Valley towards Casasco. Follow the signs to the “Alpe of Orimento“, even if the road becomes more narrow and bumpy (don’t worry, they are 10 km but they are all paved).

We begin to rise!

You can start your trekking from of the “Mouth d’Orimento”, past the restaurant,passing through a gate. The route begins by following the track on the right. There, at the first intersection, go left and downhill, follow the signs to the Mount Generoso. You will encounter a small bridge over the river Breggia. Soon after, go to the right side of the stream and begin to rise, slowly, towards the farms of Alpe Pesciò. From here, continue on the path of land and stretches of grass, that are beautiful and well-marked. You will come to a flat rise, from here you proceed on the hillside, and the slope is steady. After a while, follow the lower path, which descends then continues on a flat stretch, and you will meet the Bear Cave, which is a natural cave where remains of prehistoric bears were found. The main trail winds along the hillside, and cuts down the slope under Monte Generoso. Walking here, you get to a ridge at about 1600 meters. Here turn right, going up gradually along the ridge, and you could already begin to see the mountain station of the Generoso train. Once on the mountain’s crest, walk up to the top, which is located about 1,701 m above sea level. The difference in level is about 425 meters uphill and the same on the way back, because the return trip is on the same track.

When can I make this trek?

All year round, in summer equipped with hiking boots, or in winter with the help of snowshoes if there is a lot of snow. In 2015 you will not find the Restaurant opened on top, because they are building a new one. Also the train is not working. So, it is perfect for you to have a Pic Nic. And, when you are coming back at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio, after a nice refreshing shower, you can taste the culinary specialties of the Restaurant La Veranda. We are waiting for you, always with a smile!

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