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2 Oct

Morbegno Winery and Gustosando – Valtellina & Alto Lario

For wine lovers … MORBEGNO IN CANTINA and Gustosando.

From 3rd to 5th and 10th to 12th  October 2014 is staged MORBEGNO IN CELLAR, an event that will take place in the cellars of the historic center of Morbegno on the “Costiera dei Cech” and in Valgerola the weekend of 3-5, 10-12 and 18- October 19, in conjunction with the Bitto exhibition.

On the website you can buy the pass and download the details of all the routes.
In Valtellina, return protagonist within the walls of the oldest wineries in the historic center of Morbegno and Traona, the prestigious DOC and DOCG wines, the “Riserve and Sforzati” in a charming and unforgettable atmosphere .

An incomparable wine offer, accompanied by the best-known local products, from delicious cheeses and sausages, rye bread from the traditional “bisciola”, this and much more is offered to those who buy the pass in Morbegno Cantina.
Simply choose between the Green, Yellow, Red, White and Blue paths that wind among the more than 50 wineries open.
In the city of Bitto will meet the characteristics of wooden houses where you can buy the pass (to be retained and be stamped at the entrance to each cellar) and the map with the directions to the wineries.
Visitors will also receive the official event chalice , together with the pocket-cup of the color of the chosen path to wine tasting in their natural environment.

For lovers of good food  Golosando takes place in the picturesque villages of Dazio, Civo, Caspano and Gerola Alta.
Courts  and wineries open their doors for a food and wine tour to discover delicious recipes of ancient memory.

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