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3 May

May events on Lake Como

Spring in all its glory is coming: here’s a very useful article with all the May events to live on Lake Como.

Elegance Competition in Cernobbio

Let’s start with something very close to us, that is the Elegance Competition in Cernobbio which will take place on 20-22 May. It is a real triumph of elegance, classic cars and celebrities. Where? At Villa d’Este, a few kilometers from our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio. Here classic cars fans can watch close many fascinating classic cars. There will be in fact even new cars with extravagant design, prototypes and concept cars, this for a perfect alignment to the idea of this edition that is “Back to the Future: The Journey Continues.”

The first edition of the Cernobbio Elegance Competition was organized in 1929, in the middle of the period of these great aristocratic and luxury cars. For this reason and because of VIP that are always there we can say that it is a of the most important events in Cernobbio, in 2015 special guests were Lapo Elkann and Angela Missoni. But we have to talk about the event protagonist: the cars. They are judged in different categories by an  experts team through with several awards, such as the “Best of Show” for the most unique car, beautiful and full of passion. The most famous prize of the festival is the “Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este”, which is annually decided by people who partecipate. In addition to these two prestigious awards there is also a prize for the Concept Car category.

Other important May events

Maurizio Lastrico New Show

On May, 4th at a Social theater in Como you can see the Maurizio Lastrico New Show. It is a play based on the language born from the observation of reality testing in locations from each other, such as clubs, theaters and oratorio’s.

European Opera Days

Also at the Teatro Sociale in Como, on Saturday, May 7th follow the European Opera Days, with concerts, exhibitions, meetings with children and guided tours.

Run in Como

Sunday, May 8th if you’re an athlete is your day: subscribe to our non-competitive half marathon organized in Como, a unique experience!

Presto con fuoco

Sunday, May 15th at the Teatro Sociale in Como you can listen to the concert of the winner of the 26th Competition for Piano and Orchestra “City of Cantù”.

Light’s Festival
Como is Alessandro Volta’s birthplace and this festival is dedicated to him and to his greatest invention, the battery.
The exhibition includes several activities in which light is used in various fields, such as science and art. Here you can meet celebrities, exhibitions, educational events and workshops. The festival lasts from 5th to 25th May 2016 in Como, Cernobbio and Brunate.

Spring is special on Lake Como, live it with our events and come visit us at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio. We look forward for you as always with a smile!

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