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typical larian products
25 Sep

Let yourself be conquered by the typical Larian products, very tasty!

Lake fish, cheese and salami coming from valley and hill, a liqueur with mountain herbs: these are the typical Larian products, delicious, you must try them!

Lake Como is not only fresh water. In addition to missoltini, white fish, zander and perch, which are present in most of the traditional recipes, there are some delicacies coming from the human work and from a rich land, made up of pastures and valleys around the Lake Como. Today I make you discover some, with a strong character, and peasants, tied to the popular tradition made of strong and sincere flavors.

The daredevils salami

“When pigs are butchered, nothing is wasted” it’s a typical Italian way of saying. No waste, it was more than a value, it was a necessity. From this situation are “born” sausages among the more daring you can meet: they are the “salame di testa” and the liver mortadella. We start from the head: yes, it sound cruent but they are various parts of the pig’s head, seasoned with salt, herbs and spices, all stuffed into natural intestines. Delicious and tasty. It is not difficult to find it in a nice rich and varied platter of Larian typical products.

With it’s mixing a bit darker and with the typical small pumpkin form, the liver mortadella is a sausage that even today you can find at the grocery store. Its preparation involves the grinding of the liver with the addition of lean pork, some spices and some mulled wine! That of Brienno is undoubtedly the most famous.

The cheeses that you can not miss

‘La boca le mai straca se la sa minga de vaca’. It means ‘The mouth is never tired if it taste of cow’. How many times in Como table have you heard this sonnet? Meanwhile, for cow we mean the cow’s milk. Because it is the main ingredient of two lake cheeses: Semuda and Zincarlin.

From the Dongo, Gravedona and Domaso shores it comes the first. The Semuda has a white body, soft at the right point and intensely flavored, medium aging, perfect topping for the polenta uncia, one of the most appetizing dishes made with typical products of the lake Como.

Zincarlin has a delicate scent, but it’s very tasty, in fact, the rennet of raw milk is flavored with black pepper. Tradition says that it is produced in the mountain pastures during the summer months, aged for four months in amphorae or pine boards. Then, as you know, the more is seasoned more is flavored, to become a bit “spicy”. Fresh, is a light flavored ricotta.

A Bitter for cyclists, and not only

The Ghisallo Bitter. It takes the name from the hill on top of the Larian Triangle which houses the “Santuario della Madonna dei ciclisti” and it is not a coincidence. The delicious Bitter has been designed and produced in Fausto Coppi’s honor and his incredible feat at the Ghisallo pass during the Tour of Lombardy in 1948. Since then, the Gandola family, Liquorificio Scanna Gatta owner produces this bitterness that brings freshness and the pungent aromas of alpine herbs, delicate in the beginning but with an ending that wraps all the senses.

The typical Larian products are strong and authentic, you would not forget their flavor, a bit as the lake people that still remember their values. The companies participating to this adventure send many of these and other products to the Consortium “Sapori di terra, Sapori di lago” (you should take a look at their website).

Into the Restaurant La Veranda menu’s we have appetizers, first and second courses of the local old tradition, any of these can also be found here on the website of Hotel Posta in Moltrasio.
I, Patrizia and all the staff are looking forward to get you to know the products of the Como area we value most and that enter in our kitchens. Meanwhile, we are here waiting for you… see you soon!

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