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Lecco and its mountains
27 Sep

Lecco and its mountains: trekking on Lake Como

Have you ever been in Lecco? This city is really different from Como, Lecco, overlooking on the other branch of the lake, it is surrounded by the highest mountains, charming and perfect for hiking.
For this reason Lecco has always been considered mountaineering’s birthplace. Today I decided to talk to you about some tips for wonderful hiking that you can do in the Lecco area, to live 100% the sense of infinite freedom that only mountain can transmit.

Reach Lecco from Moltrasio

Get to Lecco from Moltrasio is quite simple: you can go by car following the Strada Regina direction Como, then follow the signs for Lecco and the SP342, in about an hour you will be there. Otherwise, you can also move by bus, especially the C10 and C40, but it is always better to inform you before departure about times and stops. However, it is better to move by car. From Lecco, you can move and reach the starting points of hiking I’m going to point you.

Lecco and its mountains

Lecco is surrounded by small valleys, long and narrow, shaped by rivers that quickly descend from the mountains to the lake. The green surround, mixed with the rock along your way to the higher peaks. Start from the city and get to the top: yes, you can!

The Grigne Group: Grignone

The first place that I suggest to you is that a protected area, ​​the Regional Park of the Northern Grigna, 5000 hectares of wild nature. Grigne are famous for their unique shape, the dolomite rocks pink give them a typical trait of the highest mountains, offering the possibility of beautiful hiking of varying difficulty. We can find the Northern Grigna, called Grignone, with its 2410 mt, the Southern Grigna, called Grignetta, the Mount Pillar and the “Pizzi di Parlasco”. On the Grignone you have the chance to see the splendid panorama of the central and western part of the Alps. You can ascend to Grignone both from the side of the lake (more difficult) or from Valsassina.

The Grigne Group: Grignetta

Grignetta, 2177 meters above sea level, it is smaller but no less important, rich of trails and cozy mountain huts. Here is the possibility to walks or really climbing. This area is characterized by beautiful nature but a little dangerous, more suitable for experienced walkers with deep rocky channels and rocks. Climb the Grignetta will be a little ‘how to climb on her bigger sisters, the Dolomites: the similarity is due to the kind of rock, it is really impressive. On these rocks they have their training the famous “Ragni di Lecco.”

The start of the climb is located at Pian dei Resinelli (1300 mt). The “Altavia delle Grigne” is mixed trekking path and “ferrata” track, not difficult but suitable for mountain experts, it’s necessary to face it with the right equipment. Consider that it often passes up and down gully and rocks, and that the ascent takes about 3 hours from the car park. On top you will find no refuge, so it is essential to bring something to eat and drink with you. You must also dress yourself with appropriate clothing, because of the altitudes (2000 meters). The best time to go is autumn, thanks to the cool climate, clear sky, warm colors, and is not recommended to go in winter. Moreover, it is correct to climb it with the correct trekking equipment, possibly also with climbing harness, sling and carabiner to attach in the most difficult points (it is not necessary, but if you are inexperienced is better to have it).

The “Crocione del San Martino”

Another interesting place for trekking lovers is the new steel cross on San Martino mountain, with an incredible lake view. Also this hike is reachable by climbing in Valsassina. From here the landscape is gorgeous, but the path (difficult) is not recommended for children who have no experience. Here you can find detail about the possible excursions on this mountain.

The Resegone Group

Where have you heard that name? Certainly in the “Betrothed” by Manzoni! This mountaing with nine tops seems really a saw, called “Resega” in the local dialect. The Resegone Group is very famous in the Lecco area with its 1875 mt. You can climb to the Resegone from three sides, Lecco, Morterone and Erve: it’s really hard to choose, they are all beautiful, with different length and difficulty. Even here we have normal hiking trails, “ferrata” and real climbing routes, some of them accessible by a simple cable car from the city (like at the Erna plans). Up here you can also sleep in huts and eat typical delicacies! Paths and the possibilities are numerous, you should check them all at this link.
We, at the Hotel Posta, wish you good trekking, as always, with a smile!

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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