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14 Oct

Learn to Produce and Refine THE NETWORK WAVE! Donny Epstein on Lake como

Donny Epstein on Lake Como

From the 20th till the 23rd November Grand Hotel Ā Imperiale only 50 mt from Hotel Posta in Moltrasio will host NSA – Level 2 Seminar with Donny Epstein

Learn to Produce and Refine THE NETWORK WAVE!

Join Donny during his last planned NSA Level Two Seminar series.

See the vision for what Level Two care is about, and how to successfully produce the RESULTSĀ in care that you seek and your practice members need. Understand, create and refine the NSA Wave, deepening Spinal Gateways and emerging self organizing strategies from the ROH perspective of upgrading the human OS to provide greater coherence in spines and lives!

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