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miele lariano
21 Jan

Larian Honey: delicacy with ancient origins

The world of beekeeping is known in Europe since 7000 a.c. and it’s confirmed by ancient rock carvings. Only few know that it was a our illustrious ancestor born in 23 d.c. in Como, Pliny the Elder, that had the first detailed studies about Como honey’s culture.

Larian honey: a nectar with a thousand of shades and flavors

Thanks to the many plant species living on Lake Como and near, there are many kind of Larian honey. We starts from the classic acacia and black locust (particularly common in the hilly areas and plains) to chestnut tree (on the Larian Triangle’s mountains, Intelvi’s Valley, and “center” and “upper” Lario), from lime to honeydew, from “high mountain thousand flowers”, raspberry, rhododendron up to tree of heaven.

Larian honey is the essential ingredient of local bakery

Another thing talks about how the Larian honey is rooted in the local culinary tradition: you can find it in many pastry Como’s recipes as the classic “Mataloch”, a typical cake of center and upper Lake Como, or even in some variants of “Resta” (Resca in dialect) typical Easter city dessert. Another thing are preserves and jams with the addition of honey and sweets made with almonds, hazelnuts and also liquors

Bees produce quality honey only in optimal environments like ours

Most beekeepers practice a nomadism technique: they move their hives following different flowering. In that way bees have always top quality nectar available. The  many beehives in the area are therefore a guarantee for us and for all tourists: bees are a biological indicator, it confirms the environmental health Como and its particular biodiversity. Thanks to our bees we don’t have only honey, but also products with high nutritional and therapeutic content.

The tireless bees’ work is not just to produce the different types of Larian honey, but also to create excellent quality products for personal well-being: from propolis (a powerful natural antibiotic), pollen, from beeswax to honeydew until the royal jelly, so rich and full of nutritious items to be shown as immune defenses grower for both children and elderly.

Where to buy Larian honey between art and goodies

Certainly a special place is the Como’s Market Hall. The market was built by a Milan’s engineer, Mario Levacher, and has a pseudo-monumental structure that is inspired by the fascist period. For this, at the time, he was much criticized his choice. Also because it was discarded the architect Terragni‘s one. Inside the Covered Market, in the producers’ pavilion you will find the Como Farmers’ Market, where you can buy Larian honey, but also other specialties such missoltini, cheese, wine and all the typical Como’s food.

When you’ll be here, do not hesitate to request information: the whole staff will be happy to give you all the necessary info that you want. We are waiting for a… sweet and unforgettable experience!

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