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Cucina Lariana
28 Jul

The chefs of the Hotel Posta Moltrasio and the Larian cuisine

There are many good reasons to come and spend a holiday on Lake Como. In addition to a nature that is really incredible and a very mild climate for this latitude, we must consider the excellent Larian cuisine.

The Lake Como’s food and wine culture is very rich and it is influenced by the Lake itself: in fact many dishes are based on lake’s fish.

The local delicacies are like cherries: one leads to another! Our Chefs, my sister Laura and her son Paolo, prepare every day, in our Restaurant La Veranda, several typical dishes. Do you know them already? Get ready, I’m going to let your appetite increase! Here are some suggestions for one or more typically Larian meals.

You can start with typical lake fish, such as the Agoni soused (fried, salted and marinated, very tasty), or with the famous grilled Misultin (read here and articol about them). If you can not decide, try them both, you will not regret! If you don’t like fish, you can have a starter typical of northern Lombardia, light and tasty, made with our local bresaola, with olive oil and lemon.

Turning to the first dishes, a must in Lake Como cuisine is absolutely the risotto alla Lariana”, with delicate flavor but very tasty. The homemade pasta is king also in this corner of Italy, although it is not strictly “typical”: our chef prepares every day for you ravioli with “house” sauce with pine nuts, green tortelloni with heart fish with cherry tomatoes and olives and goat cheese ravioli with fava beans flavored with marjoram.

If you are among those who do not like the pasta, in the Lariana kitchen you can find something for you choosing between different main courses. Some examples? Fillet of Golden Lario perch, whitefish fillets baked with herbs and escalope of Zander with sweet peppers and olives. Instead, if you prefer meat, you must try, especially with the arrival of the first cold, the polenta with braised beef.

I bet you made your mouth water! The Lariana kitchen’s dishes have something for every taste. The Restaurant La Veranda’s Chef, Laura and Paolo, I, Patrizia and all the Hotel Posta Moltrasio staff are waiting you for your holiday with all these traditional Lariana cuisine dishes and more!

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